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2 Oct

Cassper Nyovest Releases Diss Track Response

Aight. The wait is over. After several pre-diss tracks, Cassper Nyvoest has finally released his official response to AKA’s “Composure”. While “Composure” addressed a lot of issues in his life, “Dust2Dust” places the bulls eye directly on AKA with diss after diss.

There is a substantial difference in the style and structure of “Composure” vs. “Dust2Dust”. While it may not be supremely structured lyrically, the sheer amount of shots taken from Cassper make it a firm response to AKA and have upped the ante.

Amongst other things Cassper takes shot at AKA for:

– Opening up for an international when AKA said he was over that shit: 

I’m filling up the Dome in a few bro, you kiddin’ me you opening for Jason DeRulo

– Relationship issues:

Zinhle left you in public…and I don’t blame you sis, they say its nearly impossible to raise 2 kids when one lives in the movie and he just don’t wanna man up

I’m doing 20 000 people 31 October, you wanna tell me that you couldn’t handle 2 women?

– Being Broke and On Drugs

Bonang will never ever come out of public, with a lil broke druggie…

Every time you tweet something and delete it I’ll forgive you cuz i know its not you its the cocaine

– Dick Riding and Relying on Others To Write:

Let’s tell em’ about JR wrote Congratulate, witsing ka bula boot, you wrote 3 bars…
You very selfish, you ain’t even credit n****s

You ain’t never had a hit without a feature, you depend on n****s
And using vernac to appeal to the hood

First it was Khuli Chana, then now it was Les, I wonder who’s d**k you gonna suck next…

He Even Snitched On AKA’s Homie Tibz:

Ask around lil man Joburg don’t care coz Tibz always talking s**t about you when you not there..

You can listen to the track below. Let us know what you think:

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