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2 Oct

DOWNLOAD: Hip Hop Fridays “Local Classics” Mix 14 By: Nyambo & Mr C

Today Hip-Hop Fridays presents probably the most anticipated MIX since we started this BLOG ! People been hollering @ me personally trying to find out when we gonna do a LOCAL MIX !

Well B-Boys and B-Girls today is that day. Nothing but South African classics from some of the best MC’s ever in this game of hip-hop. None of these new cats out here talking about how much money they got and all this bullshit. We talking TRUE MC’s here. Skills. Lyrics.and dope beats from some of the best that did it ! OG’s up in this and some new cats that are already making classics ! This one needs to be spread to all corners of the country ! The KIDS need to hear how they should represent hip-hop locally.

Hope you ENJOY ! And if your favorite local JOINT is not in this MIX, do not despair. There will be other VOLUMES of LOCAL MIXES coming up. This definitely is not the only one. It’s only a start. Oneness ! #hiphopfridays

Download the mix using the link & check out the tracklist below.

Local Classics Mix 14


1. Bravestarr – Strive
2. Nuklearheadz – Perfection
3. Ill Skillz – We Gets busy ??
4. 5th Floor – Creation
5. Projektah – College In Bars
6. Dark Seed – Mic Device
7. Mischif – Fashionable (Original Version)
8. Driemanskaap feat Macho & Kanyi – Sphum’eGugs
9. Mr. Selwyn feat Amu – Hijack
10. Skwatta Kamp – Iguru
11. Landmynz feat Devious D – Woman, Man, Child
12. Damola – Right On
13. Robo feat Akhnaton, Tha Hymphatic Tabs, Kanif, Mothofela, Gini Grimes – The Hermit
14. Mawe-2 – Feels Like
15. Optical Illusion – Heat Wave
16. The Anvilz – Where The Hip-hop Is
17. Cashless Society – Bring it On
18. Reason – I Don’t Battle No More
19. A Huge Impakt – Go For Mines
20. Amu – Since I Met You
21. Trinity – Shine

Source: Hip Hop Fridays

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