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21 Oct

ARTICLE: Mama He Made It!

Uhmm so in just over a week Cassper Nyovest is literally about to #FillUpTheDome…..who would’ve thunk it right?! Like for real, back in 2013 when you were watching this chubby cat twirling his not so inconspicuous ponytail on your TV screens, did you really believe in that he’d be the first rapper in the hip-hop fraternity to attain this mammoth milestone. I’m sorry, but I didn’t…AT ALL (like at all!!!) I make that statement with 0% malice in my heart, but rather tentative admiration. In all honesty, I might like the odd song in Cassper’s catalogue, but I’m not exactly scrambling to buy any of his LPs, which is not to say that I don’t think he’s a talented artist or anything. It’s more like a “different strokes for different folks” type of thing (and no, I have not been threatened with imminent termination by bosses if I am not politically correct in this article. That exactly how I feel about ol’ boy!). However,  even though I’m not necessarily Cassper’s mascot or anything. you kind of have to marvel at such an undertaking, especially considering the unprecedented nature of it.

The above post is on Facebook is what set this whole thing off. Nyovest officially announced his intentions to fill up The Dome back in May and the announcement had naysayers and hecklers foaming at the mouth as this was yet another opportunity for them to not so subtly ridicule the rapper for the absurdity of his aspirations. The Dome is probably our equivalent to an international venue like Madison Square, which even big names in the States have a difficult time selling out. In addition to this, there’s long been the perception that it is only international artists who have the capability of filling up the venue to capacity. What’s funny is that in a recent interview, Cassper indicated that even some his closest comrades in the industry couldn’t hide their skepticism.

Now if you’re one of those people who are reading this article while simultaneously reciting Composure lyrics and throwing darts at pictures of Cassper, I implore you to momentarily suspend the latter activities and hear me out. If you’re a true Mzansi hip-hop enthusiast, then your concern shouldn’t be about who’s making history, on the contrary, it should be that history’s being made at all. You should be excited about the fact that the agenda of local artists is finally being championed by someone. In the below interview stresses how a dream like filling up the Dome should be the norm for all successful, and I for one definitely second that. The fact that Cassper could potentially sell out one of the most prestigious venues in the country, without the assistance of a well known international act, is but a thin veneer of what this concert truly represents. To me it is the representation of a sort of shift in consciousness in the way local artists regard themselves.  So whether Cassper is 1000 tickets shy of selling out the venue or he manages to do it, the underlying statement is still unapologetically evident. So in conclusion, I petition yall to pause whatever hostility you have for Refiloe for just one night, and go rally behind the rapper on the 31st!

Article by Nhlosenhle Mpontshane

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