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4 Mar

INTERVIEW: Kool Out Talks To Tweezy About His #ProducersMustRise Campaign

Tumelo Mathebula better known as Tweezy can easily be described of one of SA’s hottest producers & is praised for his production talent that has produced several hits over the last 3 years charting playlists in & around South Africa.

Tweezy recently sparked a Twitter frenzy after voicing his frustrations & disappointment whilst at this years Metro FM Awards. The hit making producer was upset that he had not received a ticket or invite to the award ceremony where 8 songs he produced were nominated (of which 5 received awards) & instead had to purchase a Golden Circle Ticket to attend the show. Tweezy’s outburst fast became a hot topic on Twitter thus spawning the hashtag #ProducersMustRise which has since turned into a campaign with many local producers showing their support.

Kool Out got in touch with Tweezy to find out more about the campaign & what it really stands for?

1) What’s up Tweezy? Thanks for taking some time to Kool Out with us. 

Thanks for sharing your time with me.

2) Ok so lets get straight into it! What is the #ProducersMustRise campaign all about?

The #ProducersMustRise campaign is not about chasing award show shoutouts or trying to shine more than the artist. The campaign is about creating an awareness of how the industry and society is sleeping on the fact that producers (or people who generally work behind the scenes in music) do not receive the acknowledgment and credits that they should be getting,and by getting more producers or people involved we can take steps closer into fixing this issue which will change the Industry standards for the better and give a producer’s brand a good look.


3) So what does the #ProducersMustRise campaign personally mean to you?

It personally means striving to get artist  to appreciate the work producers do together with them by giving us some sort of respect and acknowledgement in forms of a certificate, award,medal,or record sales plaque the same way they get issued to artists. I mean if we have to be fair, the song is an equal 50% contribution from both artist and producer…so what the artist receives in honour of the song, fairly speaking, the producer should get the exact same thing.

4) How do you want the #ProducersMustRise campaign to be received by your peers & those in the industry?

It should be received in a way that firstly educates the society on why it makes sense for a producer to get credits the way an artist does, also in a way that will engage an ongoing conversation amongst organizations in the industry that may influence the campaign’s successful turnout, which is to eventually credit everyone that is involved in a particular songs rewards.

5) The general public & a few in the industry feel the campaign is stemmed from your frustration of not receiving a invite to the Metro FM Awards & feel it is a personal vendetta? There are plenty of recognised producers out there that have been nominated  for awards & never been invited. Does this campaign serve as a rally to all producers to take a stand for their right to be included in award ceremonies & not be taken lightly or is it more directed at the fact that many producers in SA are being taking advantage of in the industry & it time to rise?

It is real unfortunate that the incident that happened that day had to be somewhat proof to how producers and people behind the scenes are overlooked. Honestly it’s not that much of a big deal for us to come to award shows and ask for tickets,but if we can’t get ourselves inside an award show to witness some of our work winning and to support our fellow artists then when will we ever be taken serious enough to be involved in anything in the industry? At the Grammies, I understand that most (if not all) people involved in a particular song or project are credited with an award as acknowledgment and appreciation to their contributions. Do you think a producer could be denied a ticket to witness the glory of their winning works?Of course not. They appreciate them with awards so tickets are a big deal to them.If we can’t be issued a small thing as a ticket to attend an award show the way artists get first preference, then when will we get issued awards for us to be taken seriously?

6) What do you hope to achieve with this campaign?

By the end of this campaign, everyone who works behind the scenes in contributing to the song should be shown as much love as the artist,whether by awards, fan love any other means of appreciation because it took all these people to come up with your “Song of the Year 2016”, its really unfair to only acknowledge one person for it.

7) What is the next step from here?

Same mission.Produce more great music, fight for our rights and become a positive role model for the kid that also wants to be a Tweezy or a very successful musician in the industry.


8) You have produced lot of hit songs over the past 3 years for other artists do you feel that producers should now break away from the shadows & become their own artist?

I believe it’s up to your passion and capabilities for you to break out as an artist. Sadly, most producers break out as artists because of the lack of appreciation producers get. Some even just give up on their passions and settle for a normal 9 to 5 or they choose a different career path all in the name of not being appreciated enough.

9) Can we expect anything from Tweezy in the near future?

 I have a single dropping sometime in March called ambitions. Its my first single as an artist produced by myself.

10) What would you say to any up & coming producer now that you feel they should know coming up in the industry?

I would say research about your craft and the industry. Learn as much as you can, go to Music business school and educate yourself as much as you can about the music industry.


11) Once again thank Tweezy for your time & we wish you all the best in 2016. Stay Kool

Thanks for sharing your time and giving me a platform to have a voice for all producers.

1 Comment
  • Original Day Ones Creator

    This dude doesnt practice what he preaches…

    Look at How all made this SONG called “Day Ones” but he went and sold it to Kwesta and AKA without even Consulting, or compensating anyone involved in the creation of the Song and you expect him to acknowledge you? The whole concept of the song was there way before we even decide to record the song with him and he’s now taking all the credit ?

    Producer of the year my ass. #HypocritesMustFall #LiarsMustFall

    Watch the making of Day Ones and decide for yourself if he’s really advocating the cause for #ProducersMustRise.


    Listen to the Original Day Ones Here:

    March 5, 2016 at 12:49 am