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6 May

PROFILE: Meet Singer/Songwriter Boskasie

Boskasie’s musical journey started at the age of sixteen as she spent most of her free time strumming away, teaching herself to play the guitar. It wasn’t long before this innate artist, who also paints, designs, dances and plays various other instruments, found herself writing songs.

Hailing from the Mother City with the local sounds of Cape Jazz and Ghoema being an ever-present feature in her upbringing (with parents who were both budding musicians), it was foreseeable that a career in music beckoned.


It would be in her university days where a serendipitous moment with her playing a guitar under a tree on campus, propelled her headfirst into the vibrant live music performance arena of urban Johannesburg.

Her depth in lyrics, coupled with a natural gift for infectious groove and melody, gained her a loyal following, which would also serve as impetus for her to start working on a mixtape. The mixtape would include songs that speak about human truths related to experiences of love, politics, society and her experience of the world at large.

Says the singer: “I would like to imagine my music taking the listener on a journey of discovery, through my kaleidoscopic lens”.

Fresh from graduating from Wits University (Johannesburg), this often photographed young talent, who also happens to be socially and culturally conscious, is set to have a 2016 that will define her musical path and indeed career.


With a first listen to her debut mixtape, Memoirs, which launched 22 April 2016, one can easily believe that the Boskasie star is soon to shine its brilliance the world over.

Check out some of Boskasie work below.


Stay in touch with Boskasie on her social platforms.

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