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18 May

ALBUM REVIEW: Loading… Kaytranada 99.9%… An Error Has Occurred

99.9% is the phenomenal debut album of the soundcloud god, Kaytranada. Louis Kevin Celestin is a 23 year old, Montreal based producer who is truly a child of the digital wave making his presence felt as the soundcloud wiz who is known as a dance DJ.

99.9% blurs the lines of music genre with influences of rap, house, disco and jazz. The album has a feature list that includes the amazing jazz/hip hop band BADBADNOTGOOD, Vic Mensa, Little Dragon, AlunaGoerge & GoldLink as well as Craig David. Kaytranada’s beats are unpredictable, they are effortless and inspiring. The fifteen tracked album is a combination of his beats and features that sound like what colouring outside of the lines would sound like. The overall feel of the album I got was dreamy and mellow.

The Haitian born producer takes you on a trip from the beginning, Track Uno feels like a day in the life of a disco diva that leads straight onto a Bus Ride on the yellow brick road. His use of drums is free flowing. Vocals are introduced with a track that is good enough to bring Craig David back into the land of the living with Got It Good. Weight Off features the Canadian jazz band BADBADNOTGOOD Who are known for their interpretation of hip hop tracks, the collaboration made for a drummer’s heaven and together they made an awesome track. Even with the mellow and dreamy take some there tempo is kept upbeat. Reading on the hip hop artists he featured it’s easy to get a feel of what inspires him, he used artists that were different and strayed from the rigid limitations set by genres, artists such as Phonte, Syd and Anderson. Paak. With You’re The One and One Too Many Kaytranada was able to introduce funk to R&B and the sounds played well together. Glowed Up is a creatives playground as Kaytranada shows off his vast skills on production with a terrestrial sound while rapper and singer Anderson. Paak does both duties in perfection.

Leave Me Alone, my personal favourite song on the album is a heavily influenced house track, showing his dance roots he has produced a couple of progressive house hits on the album that are defs going to get people on their feet.

I hadn’t known who Kaytranada was before I was given this assignment after reading on him and listening to some of his work outside of 99.9% I’ve gathered that he’s a breath of fresh air, a creative and an individual that’s makes me feel like it’s okay to be who you are and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with dancing to the beat of your own drum. Individuality seems to be a trend that has taken over and this different out of the box album seems to have gotten it right.

Written By: Kamogelo Tshikane

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