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1 Aug

INTERVIEW: Kool Out Chats With Priddy Ugly

  1. Waddup Priddy!!! Thanks for taking the time out to speak with us Thank you for the platform fam.
  2. Lets get into it. Please give us a introduction of who you are? Priddy Ugly is the name. I’m a young talented artist from Kempton Park, in the East Rand – Johannesburg. I’ll let you know what I am in 5 words: Priddy Ugly Is Hip Hop. (REF – Priddy Ugly – Reminder to Myself)
  3. Great!!! Now for some us that know… you have been in the industry for years & at one stage were a dancer!!! Why make the switch over to becoming a recording artist? I danced and rapped back in High School. I never called myself a dancer or a rapper at that time, I referred to myself as a performer that specialised in the art of entertainment. I always say that I don’t give performances, I give experiences. I never chose between dance and rap, I just focused more on the music recording process, I still dance a lot in my sets though. The dance side of me amplifies my live rap sets. So I’m a bit of both, priddy, ugly.
  4. So it has always been your ambition to become a recording artist? I recorded my 1st song at age 14, at the time I just did it for fun, but the 1st song myself and a group I was in at the time recorded got us a young performance on YOTV. We got signed a week after that by H.U.G.E Ent. Record head Vusi Leeuw. I started to really take it seriously when I went solo in 2012 and I’ve been grinding since.
  5. How was the reception at first? With people having known you as a dancer & now being taken seriously as a artist? It took a while for people to take me serious as a rapper, I wasn’t bothered though because even though it seemed like a new thing to them, I had been rapping for a long time. Lol, I remember I used to get mocked by a few people back in High School because I was always rapping and to them it may have seemed like I was forever talking to myself. I never needed anyone’s validation though, so I kept sharpening my skills.
  6. Can you recall the first track you ever recorded?Hahaha! Yeah, it was titled BIG BOWLIN. It was very krunky, corny too, but quite dope in its time and given the resources we had at the time.
  7. You were affiliated to Ghetto Ruff at one stage. Were you ever signed to them? No, not at all. I was just an artist chosen by them to participate on the Brenda Fassie Legacy project. I did a weekend special urban remix with Vusi Nova.The project was in dedication the 10th year death anniversary of the legend that was Mabrrr.
  8. Your music videos are always visually dope what is your process to shooting videos? We select the song, then we decide on what the message of the video will be and we try to make it as economical as possible, because i have really big ideas which are mostly beyond my financial posotion, but thats what makes it fun and we have tons of fun while shooting our visuals. Usually I have a video idea before making the song. I pride myself in being an audio visual artist. The videos we shoot are meant to bring mine and Wichi 1080’s sound to life. CideFX Films has been shooting my videos ever since my 1st video in 2012 titled Love Hate.
  9. You dropped a mixtape titled “You Don’t Know Me Yet” that has been received well by the SA Hip Hop community tell us more about that?I dropped the mixtape on the 29th of Feb this year. It was a 10 track body of work. It took us about a week to put together, including the songs that I had released earlier like Cocaine Ghost, Bula Boot, Hunnids and My Swing.On the 2nd of April, on my birthday I dropped the Deluxe which included 5 more tracks, and we remixed and Mastered all the songs that were on the initial release. The project features A-Reece and Youngsta who I hadn’t meet when we dropped, Shane Eagle and Bigstar Johnson are dudes from my hood, Refi Sings, Reba Red and Kly are talented vocalists that you’ll be hearing a lot more of and HHP was the special guest appearance. The entire project was produced by Wichi 1080. The project is of absolute and undeniable quality. You can purchase it on Itunes, Google Play, Deezer etc. In my opinion it’s the best and most solid project to drop this year.
  10. The mixtape is mostly produced by Wichi 1080 who you have been working   alongside for sometime now. What is it like working with him & how important do you feel it is for a artist to work closely with one producer? The importance of it is relative. It works best for me because Wichi and I are friends. He understands my tastes and distastes. He doesn’t send me any beats, we chill, talk, and then discuss the type of songs we want to do. We don’t reference sounds, but we may be inspired by ideas. When then select sounds that appeal to the energy we are working on exuding. We freestyle and may bounce ideas back and forth. We spend alot of time on recording. I’m the type to do maybe 60 takes before I’m happy with my tone, voice and delivery. It al works out because myself and Wichi understand exactly what we trying to create before the creation process even begins.
  11. What was the inspiration & process behind the making of YDKMY? I wanted to create a Grammy nomination worthy project. We played with different genres and styles and fused them into one explosive Priddy Ugly and Wichi 1080 sound. I wanted to give the audience an experience and it is best if you play the songs in chronological order to really appreciate the music, the long cinematic intros and outros and the over all sound and texture of the project.
  12. You’ve been fast on the come up till this day what would you say your highlight in your career has been thus far? It would have to honestly be putting my project out and shooting the videos. We work really hard and being able to share the content with the people is a fulfilling experience.
  13. What can we expect from Priddy Ugly in the near future? More. More work. More progress. More growth.
  14. What do you want to achieve & leave behind as an artist in the as SA music industry? I want to be remembered as the game’s greatest pressure point. For as long as I am in the game, your favourites will have to be at their best in every aspect.
  15. Thanks for Koolin Out with us any last words? All I can say is thank you. I’m humbled and I’m grateful for the platform.
  16. Great stuff! We at Kool Out would like to wish you all the best for the future fam & look forward to see you grace the KOL stage again in the near future. I look forward to yall seeing me grace the stage again soon.

Check out Www.priddyugly.com & get the lastest info & music on Priddy Ugly.

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