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16 Aug

Review: Px3, A Hit Or Miss?

It’s been a few days since PARTYNEXTDOOR dropped his highly anticipated third album Px3 and man after listening to nothing else but Px3  I can truly say I quite enjoyed it. I feel like I need to explain the relationship I have with PARTY, he and I go way back, he’s had me since Belong To The City and everything that has followed I’ve enjoyed.

I’m not going to lie, this 16 tracked album didn’t move me initially, it wasn’t love at first listen, but most of my favorite joints weren’t. So as I took this weekend to familiarize myself with his latest work I got into it and caught onto the wave.

He starts things off with a seven minute track of him showing off basically, he demonstrates his versatility as the track switches up, it has an old school feel that flirts with Backstreet’s No Diggity. High Hopes is produced perfectly. Px3 takes you on a musical trip with varies sounds yet with the familiarity of the same ol’ PARTYNEXTDOOR, it starts off slow but picks up tempo with each song. With Nobody PARTY has sampled The Need To Know, and if you know me, you know how much I love that song and he definitely killed this joint.

Not Nice and Only U are heavily influenced with the island sound, which I read are part of his heritage. Not Nice is my jam I liked this song from the moment I heard it. It reminded me of a song from Views I don’t know if that’s a good thing seeing how people weren’t impressed with Drakes attempt at switching it up with different sounds. The transition from one song to the next was done meticulously and seamlessly making it easy to keep up with this musical wave.

Don’t Know How brings us back to that sultry R&B sound that reminds me of WUS Good/Curious PARTY. If I were to describe his sound holistically I definitely would use, soulful, trap, sensual and swaggy amongst other adjectives to explain it. His delivery is amazing, he has mastered the art of making quality music.

Could we for a second discuss the double standardness of this dating thing, in Problems & Selfless he speaks of two women arguing over him yet in Transparency he turns around expecting the girl to be transparent, how do you expect me not to fake it with you when you’re running game on me and who knows who else.

Track 10 – Joy. Such a feel good song, this song genuinely makes me happy. The beat makes me want to skip in a summer rain storm. It’s just a happy delicate song. Well done PARTY.

Come and See Me is still my shit though, it was the first single realised from this project he worked with his mentor and fellow Canadian Champagne Papi. Is it even possible to listen to this song just once?! The musicality is amazing and Drake compliments PARTY amazingly.

Before concluding my thoughts on Px3, I have to say, it feels like the more he has become appealing to the commercial market the more he kind of loses his PARTYNEXTDOOR sound, no? I know many may argue growth as a factor but I why fix what isn’t broken.  However it ain’t that deep, as a fan I don’t feel disrespected by what he delivered, it was pretty good.

Written By: Kamo Tshikane

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