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22 Aug

Interview: You Know The Face. But Do You Know The Guy?

“Hold the lift” never in my life did I think hearing those three basic words would fill my entire being with equal amounts of anxiety and excitement. As I stand in the lift trying to compose myself and continue with the ridiculous conversation Molly and I were having in walks  Lesego, who many of you know as DJ Speedsta he flashes a smile that calms my nerves, well most of them and as pleasantries are exchanged I feel the rest of the nerves disappear. We finally emerge on the 7th floor and at this time, I’m feeling more excited than anxious about our interview. As soon as we get into the Kool Out offices he is all about the business he busies himself with filling in forms, making payments and signing on dotted lines.“Ok Kamo, let’s do this outside” thus the beginning of our interview.

To begin with, I ask him about himself and little did I know that this question would reveal a side that has changed my perception of who DJ Speedsta is. Expecting to hear all that he does and has achieved he simply described himself as “just a guy, who plays music, very chilled/down to earth from a small town, living his dream.” This, should’ve been a telltale sign of how this interview would go.

Growing up in the Vaal Lesego didn’t enjoy the academic aspect of school but thrived in the sports and social aspect. “I was an athlete hence the name” He then explains the significant role music played in his life. “I’ve always enjoyed making people happy. So in school I used to tease someone to make someone else laugh until I realized that me playing music had the same effect only nobody got hurt.”

With all that modesty I feel like I need to tell you what he has achieved at the tender age of 24, a nationwide tour, residency mixes on 5FM, he had a show on Soweto TV and now he is a presenter on V-Entertainment, V-Prime as well as hosting the Hip Hop 99 and The Hip Hop Floor on YFM. Having so much success how does one keep down to earth. “I have people who aren’t in this industry who aren’t afraid to call me out. It’s very important to keep good people around you, I can’t tell you how many people I’ve witnessed talented as ever come and get ruined by the fame, who get misled and end up using drugs” As if this young man needed anymore on his plate he has The DJ Speedsta Foundation, where he hosts talks in and around schools in the Vaal. “I didn’t have anyone to guide me when I came into the industry, its vital to have these talks, I take back all that I have learnt and teach the children back home. Coming from a small town you aren’t exposed to much, take applying for universities here [Joburg] your parents might influence where you go but I’ve noticed that at Vaal it isn’t your parents it’s them, they don’t want to break out of routine.” The talks are centered on the entertainment industry, how to equip and handle yourself. What to expect and how to go about things.

FullSizeRender (1)

Speedtsa has recently joined the Kool Out Concepts family so we had a brief discussion about it. “I was looking for two things, a team and a team that was fitting to where I wanted to go with my career. I had been doing a few things with Kool Out and when I approached them they seemed keen for it to happen.” He further adds “I was looking for people who got my vision, it’s not easy to explain and I can’t get mad at the next person for not understanding. All I wanted to do was be around likeminded people, people who got it and they do.” This partnership with Kool Out will allow me to do things that I’ve wanted to do. Being with a team means I can throw out an idea and it can be executed with a team behind it as opposed to me tackling it alone without all the resources I would get with a team.”

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And as we close off the conversation I ask about his future en-devours and what he wants to be known for. “Right now I’m working on myself as a human being, I am my business I am my corporation so working on myself means business will be running smoothly. I want my fans to know who the believe in, I Don’t want to be known as the guys that’s everywhere, I want to be known for my music. I want a certain type of sound associated with my name. I’m super soulful at the moment, you’ll hear it in my music, in the things that I say and how I carry myself. The music I listen to, Hip Hop obviously but I’m into things with meaning, with a little more soul. You’ll hear it in my sound too.”

You all should look out for merchandise too, it is coming soon, it’s also called Mayo. Mayo, for those who may have been living under a rock is also the name of the banger he dropped this past Friday.

We’re always told never to judge a book by it’s cover but because of human nature we always prejudge which essentially takes away from you. Let me explain, because you already think you know someone you end up sometimes missing out on the best of someone as you’ve already decided to box them in whatever it is you think. I had come into the interview with an idea of who Speedsta was but I left knowing who he is. Man, it seems like the Speedsta train is moving and moving fast the strides he’s making in the urban culture are huge and aren’t going unnoticed. I look forward to witnessing the rest to come.

Written By: Kamo Tshikane

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