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20 Feb

PROFILE: Meet Candace Africa (Singer, Song-Writer, Performer)

Candace is a versatile artist, singer, song-writer and performer. Her musical style includes various genres like afro-pop, reggae, house, RnB, hip hop and EDM. From Durban South Africa, her sound is deliciously addictive with pulsating dance beats (mostly African), pop chords, funky pop and RnB vocals. She describes her musical sound as a fusion of West African and South African dance/house music.


Blessed with a powerful and beautiful voice she capitalises on her creative heart by creating and performing a wide range of music from soul to RnB to hip hop and Kwaito to reggae and to house music, which is her favourite. Often compared to Brenda Fassie for her energetic presence on stage and her powerful vocals, Candace has been inspired by local & international artists such as Miram Makeba, Brenda Fassie, Ivan Chaka Chaka, Lucky Dube, Huge Musekela, Wiz-Kid, Asa, Davido, AKA, Tiwa Savage, Don jazzy and P-Squared. Some of the international stars that have influenced her work and inspired her are Prince, Bob Marley and Michael Jackson.

Brief Career Highlights:

2009: While still in school Candace lent her voice to singing all the English songs in the multi-cultural kids show Rivonigno on SABC TV with Passage One Music Studio under the multiple award winning film and television soundtrack composer, songwriter Neill Solomon.

2011 to 2015: Candace enjoyed success as an independent musician performing first as a cabaret singer in casinos, theatre’s and show bars locally and overseas. During this time Candace also collaborated in pop/rock/ dance party bands gigging around Johannesburg, South Africa and other parts of Africa. These bands included the likes of Rumour Has It and Out Of the Blue. While performing professionally as a full time musician Candace has learnt invaluable live performance experience and is described as a sassy high energy sultry singer.


Mid 2015: Candace took the leap to start her solo career. Drawing inspiration from her traveling most of South Africa and the rest of the world as a musician she developed her personal style and Afro-house sound while still incorporating a light fun feel. “Let your hair down” and “dance bare foot music” are just some of the ways fans have described Miss Africa’s music and performance style.

March 2016: Candace Released her debut single “Now is the time” Produced by Daniel Isele [D.i Productions] The song is a celebration song with a strong message, Now is the time to rise and shine, now is the time to be what you want to be.


17 February 2017: Candace Africa released her long anticipated 7 Track EP entitled CANDACE AFRICA EP on 17th February 2017 and is now available for download on Itunes, Deezer and Tidal.


Subscribe to Candace Africa’s website for a more up to date news and announcements for tour dates, latest videos and pictures as well as Candace’s brand new CANDACE AFRICA EP.

25 March 2017: The LIVE launch of CANDACE AFRICA EP will take place on the 25th of March 2017. The first 100 people to arrive will receive a signed hard copy of CANDACE AFRICA EP.

Now It’s the Time, is available on Itunes, Amazon, YouTube and Vodacom sms downloads.

Voodoo Candace Africa’s second single was released on Youtube as a slide-show video available to watch on Candace Africa Youtube Channel. Voodoo Stills Video

Voodoo downloadlinks are available here . You can stream Voodoo below via Soundcloud & on Audiomack and Youtube .

For More Info & Bookings Candace Social Media Handles

Management: Kent Buchanan

Facebook: Candace

Email: candace@candaceafrica.com

Twitter: @Candace_Africa

Instagram: @candace_africa

Website: www.candaceafrica.com

Tel: +27 787672931 / Alt: +27 785265922

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