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5 May

PROFILE: Meet Amun Collektive Artist Marcus Melanin With His New Track “Tranquility Freestyle” [Audio]

Durban based Amun Collektive rapper Marcus Melanin (real name Phelelani Marcus Khumalo) is a young creative, proudly black and zealous soul whose primary musical objective is to awaken the voice of the youth.

Microsoft Word - AMUN_ARTIST BIO.docx

The structure of the sound is to uplift and encourage oneself to seek the betterment of their surroundings and situations. It is all about energy, it is all about positivity and constructive influence. Making every detail of the lyrics, appropriate and people friendly.

Music is a language the Melanin as a brand serves to enhance and manifest. The purpose is to tell a story, empower and edify.

Microsoft Word - AMUN_ARTIST BIO.docx

Tranquility Freestyle ‘Write Up’ (Also known as Tranqui-Litty). Stemming from a background of traditional rap flow and poise, the Tranquility Freestyle seeks to serve a place in the diversity of delivery, the openness of art and the combination of trap influences. The inspiration behind it is of an artists struggle to be heard, creating a sensation for attention and following. It’s about setting a tone and trail of work that shouts I am ready to be here!’

Microsoft Word - AMUN_ARTIST BIO.docx

Stream the Tranquility Freestyle below.

Keep up to date with Marcus Melanin & Amun Collektive via their social platforms below.

Twitter: @MarcusMelanin / @Amuncollektive

Instagram: @marcusmelanin_sa / @amuncollektive

FaceBook: Marcus Melanin / AMUN Collektive

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