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9 May

PROFILE: Meet New Up & Coming Cape Town Rapper Kamo Smash [Audio]

With names like Youngsta CPT, Ricky Rick & AKA it’s undeniable that South Africa holds some true hip hop gems. With each coming new-year, comes a newer, younger and more unique generation of MCs, of which you can guarantee yourself some will be traditionalists. 2017 has birthed a remarkable blend between African acoustic sounds & modern day boom bap. THAT Network’s Kamo Smash has gained a considerable amount off media and public attention with his ability to capture the true essence of Africa in his music.

The release of his first album, “Edit The Note” introduces an interesting mash-up of sounds with Belgium & Cape Town based producers, Lui de L’amour, Young Waters and Aggeesound on the production.

Edit The Note THAT Network

“The album wasn’t planned, it happened as an offspring of an EP I was working on with Lui” says Kamo. Even though the young artist has been writing music for about 11 years, starting out when he was growing up in Soweto, he only considers himself a fully-fledged musician for about 6 years.

Although the album consists of three main elements, Kamo Smash says that he’s cultural background play a huge role in his music “What I do is acoustic hip hop with an African touch. When people listen to my music, they must feel where I’m coming from. I am African, I want people to know that I’m African”.

K-Smash Media Image 1

The 6 track album is available for streaming below & on THAT Network, but also for purchase and download on Bandcamp and Audiomack. If Edit The Note is anything to go by, this aspiring musician is definitely someone to keep an eye on in the near future.

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