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4 Jul

PROFILE: We Check Out Cape Town Based Start-Up ‘THAT Network’

THAT Network tackles issues & stereotypes in the artistic market.

Cape Town based start-up relaunches with a clear vision to create a sustainable creative industry.

South African based entrepreneurs, Shakirah Sky Dramat & Wayne Hipe Robertson, recently launched a start-up, which aims to uplift and empower young, artistic expressionists by making it easy for brands and companies to find creative services.

After launching in January of 2017, the THAT Network co-founders quickly realized that they had a lot more to offer the world than just being an online platform for the artistic society. On 26 June 2017, they relaunched THAT Network with a more clear vision and mission to ignite change in the way that creative service providers are viewed by the general public and, more importantly, their peers.

The duo explain that the idea for THAT Network found them, “We noticed that the general public and more main stream businesses were almost oblivious to the immensely dense population of raw and untapped talent in Cape Town, our idea was to merge these two worlds in a way that would be mutually beneficial while also tackling the stereotypes that come with being a creative person.”

The Network offers an array of services including: Graphic Design, Music Production, Dance, Photography, Graffiti and more in other creative disciplines. When most companies need creative services they often tend to fall back on the same people they’ve been using for years. THAT Network directors believed that this system is flawed for many reasons and wasn’t being addressed by anyone. By introducing a younger, more current team of talented and professional service providers to companies outside of the creative industry and facilitating these relationships, they believe it’ll spark a change in attitude and hopefully shift towards creating a more sustainable artistic industry.

Shakirah says, “There’s more than enough work to go around in this country, the reason creatives are struggling is because nobody is teaching them how to tap into markets outside of their comfort zone.”

When dealing with this type of transition, there are a lot of natural concerns that come into play, which the team is confidently ready to tackle. Traditional businesses don’t have the time to scout around for different talents, but THAT Network makes it easy for them to find who and what they need, while still offering the benefit of choosing from a wide variety of service providers who each offer something unique.

Artists, or Network members as they are referred to, are mentored, guided and paired specifically to each new client based on the individual requirements of each party to ensure that project and brand goals are always at the forefront of service delivery.

Apart from filling a huge gap in the South African market, THAT Network aims to tackle issues such as communication barriers between corporate and creative, stigmas attached to artistically minded people, peer to peer respect in creative industries, lack of business knowledge and professional etiquette among artists who suffer from lower-end socio-economic factors.

Although the company is based in Cape Town, they’ve already got Network members signed from all around the world, ensuring their ability to cater internationally. Anyone who is interested in finding out more about THAT Network can check out their website at www.that-network.com.

THAT Network information:

Twitter: @THAT_Network
Instagram: @THAT_NetworkZA
Facebook: THAT Network
YouTube: THAT Network ZA

About the founders:

Shakirah Sky Dramat

                                                               Shakirah Dramat

Also known as Shakirah_Sky is a young entrepreneur who’s spearheaded many projects since graduating from CPUT in 2014 with a ND in Public Relations. Offering freelance communications, social media and project management services she’s played a vital role in events such as; Mariah Carey, Lionel Richie, Foo Fighters & One Direction at the Cape Town stadium and worked with organizations such as Open Streets and The Greater Tygerberg Partnership and SA Cocktail Week 2016.

Wayne Hipe Robertson

                                                         Wayne Lee Robertson

Wayne is no stranger to the industry. Having started out as a Hip Hop producer  in the late 90 going by the alias Hipe’ he has won multiple production based awards, founded Hiperdelic and been signed to 2 record labels. In his almost 20-year music career, he’s managed to work with some of South Africa’s best alternative Hip Hop artists, along with many internationals also added to that list. Even though he’s most widely known for his sample based boom bap, within the last 3 years he’s managed to establish himself as an Instagram influencer and photographer capturing the raw beauty of Cape Town. As a photographer, Wayne’s been lucky enough to work with brands such as the Taj Hotel, iStore, New Balance & Red Bull.

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