“It’s the ego,” he said. “When you look at the song titles on this album, these are all my emotions and all my self-expressions of who I am. That’s why I did a song like that, where I just don’t give a fuck, or I’m telling the listener, ‘You can’t fuck with me.’ But ultimately, I’m looking in the mirror.”

The road to superstardom has been a long one. Elsewhere in the interview, he talked about the first time he went in the studio after signing with Top Dawg Entertainment, where he got some tough feedback from label head Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith. Ultimately, those criticisms helped fuel his creativity and get the Grammy Award-winning artist where he is today.

“I ended up getting tough skin, too, even with criticism,” he said. “My first time in the studio, Top Dawg was like, ‘Man, that shit wack.’ Other artists around couldn’t handle that. But it made me go back in the booth and go harder.”

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