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6 Mar

ALBUM REVIEW: Towkio – WWW. [Video]

You’re probably not aware of how Chicago’s SaveMoney could be something of an East Coast TDE…

Until you hear Loose by Towkio, I’m not willing to hear debate any negative about Vic Mensa’s SaveMoney being up next or already owning the music industry, both lyrically and sonically. Reminiscent of a post-Black-Eyed-Peas Will.I.Am sound, the emotional trip on Towkio’s WWW. album is like a silent movie where the hero dies at the end and makes you realise that at the end of it all…us being human, being fallible…it still resonates within us no matter who you are.

It’s a beautiful story that we all relate to. Kendrick Lamar did it with Good Kid, M.a.a.D City, J.Cole’s Forest Hills Drive…there’s a number of these good albums, but I believe this will be one that unfortunately end up going unnoticed…and that hurts. The man went as far as going on a solo trip to outer space to literally ‘drop’ his album. Towkio starts off the album with a very melodic dash he released as a single in September last year, with frequent SaveMoney producers Peter Cottontale and Lido at the helms, Towkio has you thinking twice about the music that people claim to be good.

Favourite Tracks: Look honestly I’d like to pick them all musically. The music is epic…melodic, the variety in this debut album is something I’d leave on repeat for close to a week. The anger and hype on Loose alone should’ve made that a single. Swim was smooth. Hot Sh*t almost had me lost but the rest of the album had me to go into Jaden Smith’s Syre again. Similar sound but this is just as enjoyable. Best song has to go to Morning View with SZA

Overall: Feels like Vic Mensa and Chance giving their raps to someone who can say it better and was able to reach the high-end fashion kids. Really different and should gain recognition, but might not.

Written By: Asanda ‘Ace’ Africander

Watch Towkio’s video to The Overview Effect below.

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