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6 Apr

ALBUM REVIEW: Elzhi and Khrysis and Jericho Jackson

Elzhi and Khrysis are Jericho Jackson

‘There’s a difference between good music and a hit song’


I’ll admit to coming into this listening session a little bias. I loved Khrysis from way back when Rapsody dropped ‘She Got Game’ under the Jamla label. The third song on the DJ Drama hosted mixtape, called Thank You Very Much had me losing my mind for the longest time when @jeqe_steambread introduced me to sickest femcee we’ve heard in the more recent years. Look, I appreciate the effort put into writing the dope jam, but I couldn’t help but notice how I was into the beat. Khrysis. That was my official introduction into the Jamla army.

On the other hand, I’d stumbled into Elzhi off the Elmatic tape where he redid the Illmatic joint…with his own lyrics. As to whether he would’ve got 5 mics on Source is another story. I do believe he held his own though, dopest lyrics. He was apart of the ever legendary Slum Village, so it’s expected that he comes through with bars…right?

Imagine my feelings when they dropped this jewel of a project. Admitted, I found it hard to initially listen to it…then Mr. Elle (The Soulful Sensei) put the last song ‘Thank You’ in his most recent mix, dedicated to his brother. I almost cried when I went searching through the net like a fiend and found I already had the joint. Man! The whole thing was worth it! I regret not listening to it sooner! The first track World of Illusion had me feeling like it genuinely was made for me. Put it this way, if you’re a dreamer, you most likely are an over-thinker…and because of the message the first song had me hooked. Admitted it felt a little empty and repetitive sonically because I kept wanting to hear other rappers but damn it!! You just need to let it play…no skipping, just listen to the lyrics, the word play just had me looking back at a whole lot of rappers who claim to have some sick pen game, differently.

Ofcourse the music I thought was most dope include the song Thank You, but even Overthinking had me thinking twice, I had to kinda pause everytime he displayed a new idea in the rhyme scheme for me to actually indulge in the thought. Thoroughly enjoyed! Something I’ve been looking for, for quite some time actually.

<iframe width=”600″ height=”415″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/J8rAmr5o3ik” frameborder=”0″ allow=”autoplay; encrypted-media” allowfullscreen></iframe>


Overall: I’d give it a clean 8 out of 10. Beautiful beats. Lyrics were not of this time, and very few rappers can have me thinking this much while I listened. If you have time, please don’t waste time, spend time with real rap this time. It’s time. Think differently? Hit us up in the comment section!


Written by Asanda Africander

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