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18 Apr

PROFILE: Jonwayne – The Rap Album 2 [Audio/Video]

I’ve been feeling very hurt lately. Been stuck in a mind numbing search for something new.

I’m picky with what I choose to tell people I enjoy, and lately none of the artists I thought I trusted, have released anything worth mentioning (Cole hasn’t released…yet). I end up listening to Luther Vandross, Lauryn Hill…you know…the stuff they sample, or make reference to as great. Unfortunately, after a while, even that stuff gets tedious (I kinda get bored quick). I thank God that this time, my boredom had me listening to whatever was playing…and damn it, Sakhile played Ted Talk.

A white guy, with a big beard, deep voice, named Jonwayne, with a description on his Instagram that simply states “Jonwayne”. A young Rick Rubin look-alike, who has bars and records himself for once. The music is so personal, the amount of ‘mmm’s I said when I finally got the time to hear what he had to say…ridiculous. It gave me the same feeling I had felt when I first listened to the Fugees The Score album. That feeling where it’s not what you’re used to, but it just feels right. The writing style is so different to most of the stuff you hear lately. The levels in how it was mixed was something you need to understand in 2 separate listens. One to appreciate his choice in production, the other is his choice in cadence which switches almost all the time. Legit the cat sounds like he’s freestyling throughout the joint. He sounds THAT comfortable. I mean look at the song These Words Are Everything where he says “If you getting this for free, then what you pay for then”. Legit made me rethink my choices in my top 5. Stones Throw Records have gems(same stable as NxWxrries). That alone should spark your interest.


I don’t want to say too much, except for ‘get this and hit us up afterwards‘, if you feel like I lied. Hit me up in the comment section or on social networks (@kycace), I’m confident enough to convince almost anybody that Jonwayne should be in your top 5 in 2019.

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