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8 May

ALBUM REVIEW: Post Malone – Beerbongs & Bentleys

Honestly, when you’re the source of being a ‘Sawce Gawd’, then you’re expected to always have fire, with whatever you do, and Post Malone pulled up like ‘Bruh

The man debuted at the top spot of the Billboard 200 chart and broke a few streaming records:

  • Surpassed J.Cole’s KOD for the biggest streaming week of 2018 (biggest album first week performance since Taylor Swift’s reputation
  • Broke Drake’s all-time record by racking up 431.3 Mllion Streams. Drake got around 384.8 Million. (This is for the week ending on the 30th of March 2018)

Unfortunately as a more recently introduced fan of Post Malone, I can’t help but feel gutted at how the man has disappointed me personally with this project. Look, the man brought me onto the bandwagon when he dropped Stoney, he had more features than Swae Lee, and to be fair, Stoney was so different at the time due to the market it could’ve reached. From trap fans, to the more melodically inclined listeners would’ve enjoyed hearing guitar chords and pure feelings on the song Feeling Whitney’, the sound of Go Flex also had me feeling some type of way about not being able to stunt on all on my haters. It was a beautiful album. Different. I enjoyed it.

Beerbongs and Bentley’s…not so much. Look, it’s Post Malone. Trust we going to have themes about drugs, girls, alcohol and most recently, the idea of a long lost love you had to trade for the fame. Malone had all of this, the variety (as he did with Stoney) and most definitely the features…but for me, that just it. It’s another Stoney. It’s got the jams that had us hyped for years, about this project (Rockstar and Psycho) but not being able to go above and beyond your previous project makes you seem like you sat in the same studio for the past (I don’t even know how long) since your last release, and all you have to hand over, is what I consider left over’s from Stoney. I don’t mean to talk bad about it much, but really, Zach and Codeine had a nice twist to it since it played on the idea of Disney’s ‘The Suite Life of Zack and Cody’, and the intro ‘Paranoid’ was also beautiful. The rest of it reminds me of the feeling I had when I first heard Culture II. I literally plugged the album in and pressed play, almost confused the vibe with the same song throughout. Don’t take my word for it though, cause it has nice tunes, but nothing amazing (opinion). It’s like that moment you made that pass mark on the test and you went “YES!”…unfortunately it’s a no from me. Think Different? Let us know in the comment section below.

Favourite Songs: Zack and Codeine; Rockstar; Psycho; Paranoid; Rich and Sad and Spoil My Night.


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