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15 May

ALBUM REVIEW: Royce Da 5’9″ – Book Of Ryan [Video]

“My father chose me over Cocaine”

The Source rated him 48th best MC of All Time…now’s not the time to debate his position, but…personally, I do think when discussing the idea of having an album better than Eminem’s (this year), this would take the cake…maybe even the whole bakery. When the line “WOKE UP THIS MORNING…” comes on, most would associate that would Nas’s Got Yourself A Gun, unfortunately it’s actually the sample to my new personal favourite song ‘Woke’ which sees the lyricist playing around the idea of being woke and seeing the world as it is. Truth be told, this album was a prime example to me about the difference to actual ‘MCs’ versus these new school mumble rappers, a lot of shots are taken at those who are less lyrical…and it’s not just Royce doing the shooting.

Technical flow, cadence, word play, punch lines, beat cuts, screw face kicks. I genuinely can’t think of the last time a project had me feeling some type of way for not having the time to sit through the actual lyricism, and read the lyrics, seeing more than just what is being said but rather researching what was being implied. The content circles his thoughts on rap in today’s hip-hop scene, but more prominently his life in a form of honest rap. As expected the feature list is exceptional, (yes, he had Eminem on, but you forget, Royce is that nice) J.Cole (who also directed the Bablo Boat video), Robert Glasper, Fabulous, Jadakiss, Pusha T as well as underrated MC, Boogie…and that’s not all of them.

Royce stays telling his truth…his story. What’s crazy is how it stays being a beautiful story to hear. How he tells us how he just wants to be a good father…how Rihanna stays ignoring his DM’s…how he’s ready to go at you lyrically at any point. Look very few rappers are actually have this many layers in their music lately and I’m sorry if you disagree but this personally the best album of 2018 (would be very hard to top this), and should anyone come out with something better…I’d claim it to be ghost-written. Very few tracks are ‘skippable’. It’s honest. Its dope, it’s a section that should be added to Rap’s Bible on how to do an album. It’s the Book of Ryan.

Favourite Songs: Woke, Dumb, Cocaine, Legendary, Boblo Boat, Amazing, Protecting Ryan

Overall: 9/10

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