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Quod populo similique duo te, ea eugaitper in laudem malorum epicuri, quod natum laudem malorum
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17 May

WATCH: There’s a short list of white rappers I can claim to respect, Lou just made #2 [Video]

We can spend hours going over the technical points about what is considered a rapper lately, with opinions going over the idea of ‘telling your story’, ‘how you need to make it from somewhere’…or some line about how ‘you need to have achieved certain things’…or better yet…’you need to freestyle’.

In the midst of the fighting and trash talking, here’s what I consider my truth, no matter your point of the argument.


People seem to be trying to get back to the basics and listen to actual stories and actually hear what the person is saying…as opposed to a concoction of mumbles about the different drugs you can take with the squad before the night ends, most likely done over some disturbing 808 baselines.

This new kid, Lou the Human, is changing all of that, stereotypes and all. At 20, his lyrical ability might have you questioning these guys that call themselves rappers. He uses the most simplistic imagery within his rhymes,  his word play is like Ab-Soul before Control System…and his conviction…well, I understand why producers like Willie B. are putting him on. Look, I could sit here and explain to you why the Staten Island native is probably gonna end up on your top 10 underrated list before the end of this year…but you can rather peep the videos below and see it for yourself. My personal favorite was Brink, but because we’re KoolOut, you know we got the whole tape too…and I implore you to please hit me up in the comment section below, and mention any rapper who’s unknown right now, and doing technical rap better than he is, more especially at his age.

Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

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