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17 May

ARTICLE: The Death of South Africa’s Radio Stars – Introducing @DIZZY_MONKS

Honestly speaking, I’ve been finding that, for me, local hip-hop, is a little difficult to follow lately as it hasn’t felt organic for me to actively follow up on it…it felt like no one was doing something…different now. Look, we have JimmyWiz and Shabzi Medallion doing the original boom bap, lyrically fluent, technical focus of rap, and I love it. The conviction, the bars. The works. Unfortunately, I feel they will eventually find limitation due to their type of hip-hop having a very niche following. OkMalumKoolKat is also different, alternative beats mixed with a gqom mentality. I believe in his Amalobolo short film he referred to it as Gqom Wave, which means he’s not necessarily doing hip-hop. Emtee, on the other hand is a trap star. Hard too…Shane might never escape the comparison to J.Cole…but asikho lapho…

My point is…I’ve been wanting something different that I would figure is dope, independent of the aim to play on the radio, and the need to be looked at all time… even when there’s no reason for us to look. Dizzy Monks placed that on my lap and asked if I wanted more at their launch, last night at the Maboneng Bioscope. The mood was set with DJ P-Kuttah playing classical instrumentals in the background while everybody munched on the pre-screening popcorn and a few drinks as they chatted on.

The video itself was the most creative thing I’ve seen locally in a while, and I’m waiting to find something like it…if not better. In my head, I’m thinking the creative mind-set that you’d find if Soundcloud’s best, met Instagram’s greatest photos. The themes in the video from each rapper seemed to explain something like a certain mind set from each persona. TopGogg going as far as doing 2 videos…both equally as impressive. Ginger Trill was back flipping through the beat as the lyrical general chewed haters up on his jam. Dust and Young Nativv were the new rappers that I’d never seen before but finessed looking as potent any of the other members…proving it too as they cruised through Aytch’s cinematography. The screening was ended off with quite the chilled Q and A where the homies explained how they plan to perfect their craft as they take the real game. The one where people are actually looking for something new from South Africa’s hip-hop.

The little networking moment that followed as people hung around with the artists while Kuttah played some more made the whole evening a dope ribbon to the ushering of what I feel could be a new era. Yea…if I could make a choice as a rapper…I’d want to be a Dizzy Monk. It’s official.

Peep the trailer for the video here…and yes, we’ve seen it…in fact everyone left with a copy, but if haven’t, you gotta wait to see it on YouTube. We’ll keep you updated though.

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