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29 May

ARTICLE: A$AP Rocky Testing’s Koolest Review [Video]

Since one of my personal favorite rappers ‘SKray’ introduced me to A$AP Rocky’s Peso, I’ve felt that I’m more an ‘intrigued fan’, of how this one guy could literally touch base with almost every part of the entertainment industry, and maintain being ‘The Man’ within him and his homies. A lot has changed since then and I’ll admit that I had grown accustomed to the trippier and drugged up Rocky, not that I mind the experimental one that we were introduced to after the death of Yams.

Testing seemed to be a retaliation from the Harlem-rapper to (mainly) the male audience members that might’ve believed he ‘fell off’ from his more lyrical style that quite a few people fell for when he first came into the scene.

I believe they’re well into their rights.

The man is now a style icon, GQ cover regular, sitting front row at almost all sought-after fashion line presentation. Still, I want the original ‘f*ck boy’ vibe we got from Live.Love.ASAP and Long.Live.ASAP.

Testing almost made it. The intro, Distorted Records was a really interesting contrast to how he sets the tone for his albums. Compared to Holy Ghost and Long Live A$AP, this was a different tone. More aggressive. More…experimental still. In fact, throughout the rest of the album, it feels like listening to an old cassette tape that had a large portion of it with clips recorded over the main theme of the tape. Skits, cuts…like sonic adlibs are placed almost everywhere in the album, but I’ve come to understand that it’s for the best.

The single ‘A$AP Forever’ had a feature from T.I. and Kid Cudi which I appreciated since Cudi’s vocals set the trippy tone in the background, Frank Ocean’s pitched vocals on Purity seem to be a thing looking at how he has been doing it since Blonde (even the most previous single ‘Moon River’ has the vibe…do you think it works? **comment below**)

I’ve been preaching the idea of how Trap music is dying out in the mainstream, and how we need to find something new…as a hip-hop culture. I believe the Rocky might just usher in the new sound. When talking to Don Diva magazine about the album back in January, he said

“It’s like one of those albums that niggas been waiting on, but they don’t know they need it. Basically, the point of this whole shit is just testing new sounds. Just new wavelengths. It’s more so the outcome of an experiment, you know? People call young cats mumble rappers; people call old heads jealous. I feel like I’m in the middle, you know? I ’m not young enough to be a mumble rapper, or old enough to be an old head. So I’m in a position where I want to make music for that medium. I’m not really good at self-promoting. I like to let the product speak for itself.”

It spoke to me, I’m reluctant to change but I’m ready, as to whether he makes the impact…that’s a different article all together.

Favourite Songs: Tony Tone, Purity, Fukk Sleep, ASAP Forever, Black Tux, White Collar.

Overall: 6/10

Think Differently? Let us know in the comment section below.



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