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7 Jun

ARTICLE: 10 Local Songs That Could Be Better Than #TouchMyBlood [Video + Audio]

I’m not excited for AKA’s album.

I mean yea, he’s AKA, his brand power might make it pop EXCUSE THE PUN but I do believe I have no FOMO on the project whatsoever…it hasn’t really appealed to me, but then again, I’m a weirdo who stays on the internet…not social media. YES, THERE’S A DIFFERENCE

AKA is a brilliantly blessed with talent, hard working creative. Besides the music, the man is a father, has his own vodka bottle, clothing deals with Reebok among other things…he’s done well for himself, I honestly cannot hate on that. Understand that he’s achieved what he has now through a long, difficult career, dating 2 of South Africa’s hottest exports, making one of them his baby mama in the process. He almost incinerated Cassper’s career and above all else, beat his addictions too. Hate him or love him, you gotta respect the cat. He’s the epitome of the term ‘Superstar’, ‘A-Lister’…well, he probably is ‘goals’ for a lot of your favorite rappers too.

With all this being said and many unmentined accolades in tow, I have to say that I’m not ready for #TouchMyBlood. Dropping on the 15th and still no impactful ‘hit’ songs I’m willing to debate Star Signs success…in fact there’s nothing worth talking about to be honest. Nasty’s C is currently getting looks about a freestyle he dropped on the Duppy Freestyle beat…AKA…trending because ‘uloyiwe‘.

Point being, whether it’s apart of the publicity or not, I really feel like I’d rather be listening these joints.

P.A. – Mamacita

This beat bangs! The hype behind the way he says Mamacita! Man! The clubs need this one, I cant help but want to hear more from the cat. Admitted, it’s a little outdated but if you think this sucks, hit me up in the Insta DMs fam (@kycace), we can talk about it.

Muzi – Desire (ft. Yanga Madlala) [Tiro House Mix]


Bheka neh, if you haven’t heard Afrovision, open a new tab, and go get it, don’t continue reading this section until you’re sure that you know who the cat is. When that’s done, check this remix out. You may now lose your mind.

TDSO the Hashish – Sand

I’ve been saying 033 is on the come up. Agreed, he’s based in the City of Gold but peep the jam, in fact his whole tape, really wasn’t ready, but I appreciated the shock.

Patty Munroe – Fighter

I couldn’t help but feature something that might have you in your feels for a minute. I love her voice (I low-key would date her just to have her talk to me), and not to  mention the hook hooking me onto the story within the verse. It’s too nice.

Stilo Magolide – Achu

No lie, I’ve heard a large amount of you claim y’all have sauce, you got the juice…Peep the Tropicana Jigg have you kill everybody with the shoulders, ACHU!

Shane Eagle – Black Rick

Not that it matters, but he won the SAMA for the best Hip-Hop Album award…and just like Forrest Gump, ‘that’s all I have to say about that’.

SKray – K’sazobamnandi

I haven’t heard a fun, good time song locally in a while, within all that’s going on. Have fun, this is the one.


Nasty C – King (ft. A$AP Ferg)

No South African rap list is complete without the young gawd. Get ready for #StringsAndBlings on the 6 July. Seems to be a banging album, just off the singles, and the kid is on Sony now…he ain’t competing with just us no more.

White Bitches – Dope Artists

Just for control, I just need everyone to vibe to this beat banger.

SimmySimmyNYA – Ek’qaleni (ft. XwaenO’ Lennon)

Last but not least, an artist I believe is close to being a regular to your playlist, infact the song is perfect for an introduction for the 2 artists, infact, I’ll even throw in a video directed by ‘UncleScrooch’ with Xwaeno Lennon who is also a half of the duo Robot Prime. One Word. Enjoy.

Call it how you want, maybe I’m hating…but I’m not amped. Maybe I’ll be proven wrong, but I do believe…whether it’s a fans, Mr. Forbes himself, or even I myself…someone will end up with a broken heart…Think differently? Hit us up in the comment section below.


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