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21 Jun

PROFILE: Anime Flow [Audio]

Being at the Back to the City Hip-Hop Festival opened my eyes to a lot of things especially within the world of South African hip-hop entertainment. A large percentage of the people I met there were people who you’d find I’d followed on Instagram for a while but now because of the opportunity to approach the cats, it was an opportunity to understand the world from the creative mouth themselves.

One of my favourite encounters was Anime, a Cinematographer, rapper/spoken word poetry, beat boxer, and Audio Engineer who’s Instagram pictures had me going from a frequent liker to the point where I followed him and by the time I met him, nothing freaked me out more than finding out what a cool bro and quite the informed artist he was.

A post shared by ANIME (@reon_george_anime) on

Although up and coming, nothing shocked me more than finding his music on SoundCloud, man…this guy had flow from the jump. Admitted. I disliked having to find that the project that he had shared on his page at the top was his homie’s project which he was a part of. In all honesty I figured he was just putting his boy on…

I’ll admit…I was wrong…

Crusif, the South African/North American rapper/producer/songwriter, who has performed with artists like Dizzie Wright, was nice and everything, thats the honest part to it, I cant event ry put it any other way, homie was nice with it. The hook on the song was done by T-Zank…and man did it get me TRIPPIN! Both the homies had flow like Busta back in the early 2000’s, which I appreciated cause I then hopped on to A Tale of Two Cities Freestyle that Anime had jumped on. You know, the last time I remember hearing a flow like this and like was Busta’s verse on the Look At Me Now joint he did with Chris Brown.LOVED IT!

Look, in short, I’m keen as ever to find new music, especially the type they don’t play on the radio…when you ask for the universe to respond, it hands you things like this. I’m happy for today. You got next? Hit me up in the comment section with your stuff.

– @kycace

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