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10 Jul

ARTICLE: Open Letter To My Fellow Ageing Hip-Hop Heads

To: Those Looking for Good Music
From: Those trying to put you on.


If you’re born after December 31 ’99, this isn’t for you. Below lies the music for those who want the brakes to be put on the ‘skrrr skrr’. The group of people who think weed is probably the only drug that should exist and those who genuinely want to enjoy their music in a calm environment, and don’t always need to be in a club to enjoy an album. You might have heard of some of it, maybe all of it, but someone you might know needs to be put on. PRESS PLAY!

SiR – November

Top Dawg Entertainment has been at the apex of hip-hop fuelled entertainment for a minute now. From personal experience, from around 2012, if it ain’t Kendrick, or Schoolboy Q, it’s Jay Rock or Isaiah Rashad…(I’m also an Ab-Soul fan but let’s be honest…we’re still searching for him since Control System). SZA last year had us stepping away from the Black Hippy core that was the face of TDE and basically introduced us to a sound that had been bubbling for a minute now…then Lance Skiiiwalker came through…

Someone passed me the November album by SiR and fam, truth be told I’m disappointed in my circle of friends for not being my plug. No really. I am.

Since the Championship Tour was announced I thought to myself that it was a blissful dream having TDE headlining an entire tour. When I stumbled SiR’s Summer in November jam on YouTube, I thought that song was the dopest thing the cat had hence he hadn’t blown up…relatively speaking…

I got me the album and pressed play…look, I’d sit here and give you a long speech about what exactly he did and how what happened, but I’d rather you do the same and in fact, lemme plug you right here.

Michael Christmas – Role Model

I remember when I was in varsity and one of my closest sisters,  hit me up suggesting that I check out ‘Are You Around’ by Michael Christmas. It felt like that first time I was sent straight back to that 90’s minimalist music that was more into telling stories from the good parties…you know the stuff that spilled onto the street, and you wake up asking everyone what happened the previous night.

In all honesty I thought he’d flunk out and not blow…I mean he continuously reminded me of the Faces Mac Miller…infact all the Mac Miller music you know before the Warner signing…

More recently Michael said ‘Tomorrow is the day’ on Instagram in one of his stories so I replied and asked what happens and he replied ‘I’m releasing an album’

I got it and basically forgot about it.

After coming back from Grahamstown last Saturday I’ve felt it appropriate that I catch up on music and honestly I’m hurt I didn’t hear Role Model earlier. I couldn’t get past Honey Berry for a good 15 minutes since it was on, then it was the same ‘stop and go’ on ‘Everybody Eats’ featuring Cousin Stizz and ‘Not for Me’ was just beautiful. Above and beyond having to find a new artist for myself almost monthly to be interested in, I feel the old, genuine cats who genuinely find joy in chilling with people and doing real people stuff would really enjoy this album. Infact to quote the man…

one of these bullshit lives they livin’ might be what you need
But that’s just not for me.
– Michael Christmas

Saba – Care For Me

Imagine late 2013, res room hot-boxing to a Youtube mix of good music, Chance the Rapper was a phenom for us youngens back then so because he’s from Chicago, you eventually will be plugged into the Windy City scene. Enter Saba (PIVOT!)…

I can still remember not being able to move for a good 20 minutes because I’d pressed the loop option when ‘Timezone’ came on. Gimmie me another 20 minutes because Whip(AreYouDown?) had me feeling like I was driving a space ship through my thoughts and found nothing but amazing ideas.

No. None of them were to make money, but rather to roll another one.

I drifted on his stories told at such a fast tempo and look, I agree, he sometimes slurs, but another artist, namely Danny Brown once said in an interview that he only did one take when he was recording, because that first time, that energy is what transcends words, and if he made a sound and not a word, he keeps it. Because that depicts the perfect feeling at the time. I imagine Saba thinks in the same manner.

More recently, Saba just decapitated a lot of the so called ‘Great Albums’ I thought would rule the year with his most recent album. My only complaint being that Care For Me didn’t get te recognition I think it deserved, hence it made it onto this list.
Is there another album or artist that you think should be listed here for heads looking for something other than mumble rap. Hit me up on my socials (@kycace) and let’s talk about it, until then, stay KOOL…WE IN THE CITY.

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