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27 Jul

ARTICLE: SECRET WARS PT. 2: Kendrick Lamar vs. Captain America [Video]

In the recent spate of Marvel movies, I find it funny that at no point did my thoughts jump back to a song that told me more about hip-hop and its relations to the comics…probably way before the first phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe began.
Growing up, at some point near the beginning of my teenage years, I found myself being rattled with rappers like KRS-ONE, Immortal Technique and Proverb. I then was fascinated by a song called ‘The Secret Wars Pt. 1’ by a rapper named The Last Emperor. The song details an imaginary fight between the Marvel Heroes, against the rappers of the time. In the song, The Emperor imitates all the vocals of the artists being mentioned with what seems like little to no effort at all. In this version, I plan to do the same, with more contemporary artists.

Kendrick Lamar vs. Captain America

Kendrick Lamar, K.Dot, Kung Fu Kenny…whatever you wanna call him, you can’t help but respect the man. The old school hip-hop head’s saviour of rap in this ‘skrr skrr’ age. The lyrical leader of Top Dawg Entertainment has been running West rap circles since he was approximately 16. Since eventually allowing himself to use his birth name Kendrick Lamar (from K.Dot), and releasing the Kendrick Lamar EP, the young rap god became a familiar name in between rap circles from the moment he dropped songs like ‘Let me be me’, which seemed more personal insight into the man’s intentions for the game.


Imagine him growing up and being considered the best thing since Tupac, in 2011 he was dubbed The New King of The West Coast by Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre and The Game. His Ignorance is Bliss have made Dr. Dre choke up I’m sure since the message Kendrick shares in the album as a whole is really a mirror image of what was happening in America at the time the song was released. Similar to the narrative that Dre himself grew up in and made it out of.

Might be of interest but many rappers would probably relate to him since he was/is a Good Kid from a crazy background. hence ‘Good Kid Mad City‘.

If you’re reading this and haven’t listened to Kendrick’s Section 80 by now, that’s cool, it’s understandable…Good Kid M.A.A.D City on the other hand…*exhales*

…Man… still nothing?

Look, from Good Kid, M.A.A.D City, To Pimp A Butterfly, The ‘Control’ Verse, the TDE BET Cypher that came after that…

….DAMN! (…the album sbali, not the expression…even though his achievements will still make you say damn…)

• A Pulitzer Prize for Music for the album DAMN! (First musician outside of Jazz to ever do so)

• 12 Grammy Awards (29 Nominations)

• 6 Billboard Music Awards (18 Nominations)

• 10 MTV Music Video (17 Nominations)

…Righteous Man on a path to greatness…the leader of the West in America, leader of what he stands for in the world.

Perfect Opponent for Cap.


Steve ‘Captain America’ Rodgers

Leader of the Avengers, Brooklyn Native who knows nothing but being Good for the Greater Good. The character was literally created to be the  most patriotic American who represented many war fighting American’s at the time. Umatchable human strength, agility, reflexes, speed and super human senses. To top it all of, he has a Vibranium Alloy Shield that can stop anything except a God (that’s right…Thor could mess him if he wanted).

In short Steve over here is the result of the a science experiment, something like Hulk, difference being that Rodgers, stands for good…it’s all he does.




To be honest, this feels like another West Coast/East Coast fight again. Brooklyn’s Finest Soldier vs. Compton’s King Piece. Kendrick’s height is an immediate disadvantage…but so is the Captain without the shield. Looks like a literal man-to-man fight. Realistically Captain might be the master of powerful blows with that power in his fists and the consistant superhuman healing…Kendrick Lamar’s jabs in his verses and immaculate punchlines tops the amount of punches that keep coming unfortunately. in the final seconds of this fight I see a Captain America broken down…back into a Steve Rodgers…but like Frieza in DBZ, Kendrick Lamar unfortunately is as real as Kendrick L. Duckworth gets…until he becomes Kung Fu Kenny. He’s telling you the stories he’s experienced. About people he knows…Captain probably doesn’t know what America means but he’s defending it.

In short, Lamar sees the sun set on Steve’s reign as the man to look up too. At 31, people understand that Lamar’s shine is due to pure hard work and prayer…nothing scienctic, but it’s almost science fiction how God keeps blessing him.


Think differently? Hit us up in the comment section below…or hit me up in the social’s.

– @kycace



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