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20 Sep

ARTICLE: We have a chilled chat with Cele, Sizwe Cele

ChilledVibesAndCereal was at the most recent KoolinInTheCity. In and among the crowd was a face that appeared to be present in the event, more than as a just a viewer or attendee to us. Entrepreneur Sizwe Cele, gave us a short insight on his personal work and how it’s affected by music as a whole.

Could you please give us a brief bio on yourself?

I’m super far from music, even though I’ve designed a cover or two. I’m a creative tech entrepreneur that designs and develops digital products. We own a boutique digital engagement insights agency called Socly. We also have built a few apps which are about to go to market and raised capital… that’s pretty much it…I think the most exciting thing about me is that I stayed in Cape Town for 7 years (varsity and work) and played semi pro soccer in high school  for Wits Reserves.

Oh snap. So for you music is a thing you like on the side? But you’ve done album art? Mind me asking for who?

Artiifact – Anatii; And one I can’t mention just yet… it was just for fun… creative expression more than anything else.


Yo that was cover hella dope. What was the inspiration behind it? And how long did it take you?

Mmmh…play on the word Artiifact?… so the idea was to make Anatii the artifact… hence the face/mask like piece; I forgot how long… maybe a month or so

Going back to the fact that music and your being a tech entrepreneur is so far from each other…how deep does the influence from one go into the other in your life. Do ever find yourself trying create something that could help you blend the 2?

Music influences everything and everyone, the amount of impact it has on mood and perspective is too important for it not to have an affect/effect on digital… I can?t even think about the amount of exams passed, deadlines met thanks to the right album, sound and mood. Music and digital definitely work together, Tidal, Apple Music, Spotify. I also have a few ideas around a digital creative platform… but the time will come.

Im legit excited to see this bro, and would love to have a chat about the progress around them soon too. If I may ask just 1 more question, if you could pick any album to give to the world, to depict your taste in music, what would it be and why?

Mmmh… Late Registration or TKZee Family… had the same amount of impact in my life, Kwaito has to evolve from genre to art movement


You reckon its gonna die out?

It shouldn’t, we need to own it as a country… it influenced to many aspects


With that being said, we couldn’t help but feel he had been bothered enough, and as much as we did before, we would like to thank uNdosi for the opportunity to find another piece to the puzzle that is hip-hop for us.


You never know what you might find when ask someone to simply just share conversation with you…one day it’s that guy who was at the same party as you, the next it’s the man designing the best way for you to hear your local music.

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