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3 Oct

PROFILE: Introducing LA’s Newest Rap Talent ‘Keng Zae’ [Audio]

The Los Angeles music scene is more exciting and vast as it’s ever been, in the cities history. South Central’s very own Keng Zae‘ is the perfect example of artist making noise in the town. With her 1st offcial EP “NO STEMS” on the way, her transition from local wordsmith notable and ” Soundcloud Rapper”, To Torch holder for Los Angeles Hip Hop, is enevitable.

Zae’s talents in the booth have garnered her allainces and praise from some of today’s most influential artist, procuders and tastemakers. Confirmed as the newest member of Shafiq Husayn’s DOVE SOCIETY Collective ( SA-RA, Creative Partners, Anderson. Paak, THUNDERCAT) Zae’s career as a creator is only rising from this point. With thousands of streams on Soundcloud, long awaited visuals for her top songs will be released to address her loyal fan base.

With forth coming projects with SHafiq Husayn, BUNCHY (Anderson .PAAK’s O.B.E.), The Free Nationals, AQEELION, & others, expect a body of content that will show all sides of Zae as an artist. NO STEMS is 1st up, and represents a kaleidoscope of thoughts, shaped by Keng Zae‘s journey to falling in love with Hip Hop again. It’s very clear that in attempts to find clarity, thoughts during the process can be random and very quick. NO STEMS represents this, due to Zae’s writing amazing songs to beats she randomly found in her email. The name “NO STEMS” represents the dillema of writing and recording these songs to production without the proper session files available (stems), to make the studio mix the best it can be.

Keng Zae‘ felt so strongly about the songs that she wanted to, “drop them with NO STEMS”.

Zae is also rumoured to be collaborating with some SA talent as she looks to take her unique sound across the world.

For more Information, promo requests, features or to set up an interview contact

Mr Jason Johnson 323- 495-9743


Check out some of Keng Zae‘s work now on Soundcloud below.

  • Sandro Worthy

    shits dope asf! she gonna smash shit when she comes to SA

    October 3, 2018 at 11:13 pm
  • Sixolille

    Shes dope asf! Is she coming to SA?? Some 1 give me more info pleeease!!

    October 4, 2018 at 3:24 am