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30 Nov

STREAM: YoungstaCPT Drops New Single “YVR” [Audio]

The Cape Crusader, YoungstaCPT aka Young Van Riebeek kicks off the summer season with his first single ‘YVR’ from his highly anticipated debut album 3T  dropping early 2019 which translates to ‘Things Take Time’ – a concept he has lived by for a long time.

As a man of the people, educator, leader and so much more. YoungstaCPT is here to teach us a few things. If this first single is anything to go by, we are all in for some serious life lessons…

YVR is an abbreviation for Young Van Riebeeck, which is a play on the name of the famous Dutch coloniser, Jan Van Riebeeck who set up Cape Town as a refreshment station in 1652.

YVR is about independence. It’s about ownership and it’s about making a statement in the face of the modern day apartheid we face. It is about inspiring the youth to break them free from this slave mentality that still lingers in our communities. Recolonisation

Looking at the current state of affairs in our country it saddens me to know we’re still dealing with forced removal and protesting for housing. I’ve always been one to speak about the social issues that haunt our people and apartheid has really stunted the growth of coloured/black people in SA. I feel that the bigger my platform gets, I need to speak out against the things I feel are preventing our youth from excelling…” – YoungstaCPT

 Alotta mense’s hating that’s not stopping me this was the same thing they did in the Cape Colony  / making us think we living free in a broken democracy / but the truth will set us free
/ you’ll read it in my biography
 / when they brought us on the slave ships and they took away our education / looking for an oasis / cause they turned our people into vagrants
/ you can’t win with a racist / coz they still think with that hatred / but victory is my fragrance
/ So I’m emphasising my statements /

 The track was produced by regular collaborator, J-Beatz who YoungstaCPT has been working together since his initial idea for an album. “We met via email when I requested beat submissions on Facebook around 2012-13. We started collaborating on an EP called ‘21 Y?RS Ahead of Time’ & ‘FRE3ZE TIME’ which became my mixtape but was intended to be an album. We also worked on a joint project which became my 28th mixtape ‘Kaapstads Revenge’ which I released last year so our work has always been nothing short of stellar. He’s very easy to work with so we make a good team.”  As always YoungsatCPT has enlisted Kay Faith at the helm of mixing and mastering.

 For the single artwork YoungstaCPT chose one of the original seals (logos) of the Dutch which they used to mark certain places they occupied. Almost like a Banksy approach he took this familiar image and vandalised it with a simple red tag saying ‘YVR’ which would be an obvious defiant behaviour towards the oppressors of that time.

YVR is about recolonising your own mind and thinking for yourself.
It’s vital this message spreads.
 “Regardless if the song does well or not. I’m not doing it for the charts, I’m doing it for the well being of coloured and  black youth who may not understand it now but will when it’s their turn to lead their revolution. – YoungstaCPT

Stream YVR below & download it on these digital platforms Apple / iTunes Spotify Tidal & Deezer.

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