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13 Dec

STREAM: Flex Rabanyan Throws Shots At Reason & PH On Diss Song “FWR (For Whatever Reason)” [Audio]

Payola has been an on going struggle within the music industry locally & on a international scale for some time now with a lot of independent artist’s being taken advantage of by compilers. It is a on going war that has now got 2 of SA Hip Hop’s stars going at one another.

Yesterday Vuzu’s “The Hustle” season 2 winner Flex Rabanyan posted on his twitter account (below) that he paid R9 800 to a compiler at Metro FM to get his music playlisted on the station but never received a single spin.


The post gained a lot of of response from fans & music enthusiasts alike but it was the response from fellow SA Hip Hop artist Reason that caused a major stir up between the two rappers.

Reason responded to Flex’s tweet suggesting that the rapper had snitched on himself by paying the compiler payola & not receiving a return of investment with any spins.


Flex then responded to Reason‘s thread asking the No Sleep rapper “Why he was so worried?”


while also responding to a post on Reason‘s thread.


The post gained a video response from Reason who questioned Flex statement of him having no hits & even told Flex that he could have educated him on how better to have spent the money he payed the station.


The video then sparked a reply from super producer & head of Raw-X Studio’s pH who called out Flex for being a “snitch & an idiot” & that he may have to look for a new job.


Flex then responded to pH saying the producer “fell off”


gaining another response from pH & the 2 would go back & forth for a few posts






Flex would continue to troll Reason by asking his followers to name the songs off Reason‘s catalog that are hits?


Hours later Flex dropped a surprise diss track aimed at Reason titled “FWR (For Whatever Reason)” taking shots at the gaaaAHDbody rapper’s personal life & music career while also throwing shade at pH.

The diss song has sparked a twitter frenzy with many SA Hip Hop fans jumping in on the song & giving their opinion’s about the track.

Hip Hop has always been a culture of competitiveness especially in rap music with many artists taking to the mic to air out their differences. With Flex having made the first move the onus is now on Reason & pH to respond? Will it be on record? or a response on Twitter? We will have to wait & see?…

We only pray that by the end of this a solution & better understanding of the situation is found & for both rappers to come together for a peaceful solution.

Stream “FWR (For Whatever Reason)” below & let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • JayTip

    Well written article!

    December 13, 2018 at 2:30 pm