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30 Dec

Logic Reacts To J. Cole’s “Fire Squad”

Days after Royce Da 5’9 offered his views concerning J. Cole’s lyrics on “Fire Squad,” Logic has continued the debate by offering his take on the record in a newly released interview with VladTV.

During the conversation, the Under Pressure rappersays that J. Cole’s view is neither right or wrong, however, he states that nobody should deny that what Cole is alluding to in his rhymes is correct.

“My mentor said there’s a couple [of] things you never argue about: race, politics, music, sports [and] religion,” Logic says during the interview. “[With] these things, there is no right or wrong… When discussing race, I see that verse from a different perspective because he’s basically saying how Justin Timberlake, Eminem, Macklemore stole from the Black man. [He says that White people have snatched the sound], which is the truth. Nobody is denying that. You literally cannot deny the fact that Rock and Roll was born because of Blues and Blues is Black man’s music.

“[When] talking about modern music and sound, where I personally feel Hip Hop has come from, it’s come from sampling Blues. It’s come from sampling Rock and Roll,” Logic adds. “It’s funny because the Black man created this incredible sound but I wouldn’t say the White man snatched it because some of my favorite White — that’s why I hate it. For me it’s just about culture, music and sound but if we wanna take it there, White artists like The [Rolling] Stones who will pay homage to these Blues players and say we were inspired by this [and] that. Or Kurt Cobain writing in his book about how the White man took from the Black man and how much he appreciates Black culture.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, Logic admitted that he finds it difficult to disagree with J. Cole, as everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. He also adds that the Roc Nation artist was most likely playing around and that his remarks shouldn’t be taken too literally.

“So I totally get where Cole is coming from,” Logic says. “I can’t disagree because that’s his personal opinion. And that’s what I love about music and that’s what I love about people like Cole who are so intelligent — I think he’s just fucking with everybody, man. He’s just having a good time. He’s on the ‘TKO Remix’ with Justin Timberlake. I’m sure they have a good relationship. He’s just fucking around. There’s certain things you just can’t take too literal. But I’m not Cole. And it sparked a debate between me and my friend.”

Repost: HipHopDX

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