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30 Jan

Interview: One On One With Moonchild

By now you must know that on Sunday we will be having the Koolin In The City Bass Edition, and gracing the stage will be Moonchild among others. We caught up with the blue haired fairy for a brief chat to find what she is about and we can expect from her this Sunday.

Thanks for your time, many people know Moonchild as a singer, but very few you know that you are actually a DJ too. How long have you been DJ’ing for?

Well DJ’ing is really me having fun, I started recently towards the end of last year and its fun but I totally respect real DJs. I only started doing it because I want to play my music and its helped because I’ve found myself having to play for my performance set so it helped and still helps.

There has been so much teasing of your album, when can we finally expect it?

My albums #Rabulapha meaning ‘Sip This’, is finally coming out next month. You’ll be the first to know that, 9th Feb is the release date so yay!!

You have done a lot of work with Fantasma, how was that experience for you and how did you link up with them?

Its been dope hey, I met Spoek in 2013 if my memory serves me right, through a gig we did with The Brother Moves On, BLK JKS and myself. So afterwards we went to the studio and did something and kept contact from there on. I was in Cape Town this other time and he rang me up, we hit studio and voila…so we have kept the relationship going since the first meeting.

Your hair is very outstanding, why did you go with color blue?

I had my hair done red for 7 years before Rihaana came with hers in red as well and made it a thing. I chopped my hair, because then it was cool and I wasn’t weird anymore, pissed off…I chopped it all off and let the color thing die down. When my hair grew back I went greenish blue and I’ve kept it for about 3 years now. I hope it doesnt get too popular, but I know whats next after this because I do my hair myself and its called #moonmop hee hee hee

What can we expect from Moonchild this Sunday?

High energy, Im a performer, like I don’t play.  If you don’t believe, come and see for yourself . You’ll know more because it’s something you can’t really describe it, it’s more of a feeling.


Thanks for your time see you on Sunday.

Shobob! Can’t wait!


You can catch Moonchild this sunday on the Kool Out Rooftop for the koolin In The City Bass edition, more details hereKooling MOONCHILD (1)

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