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Quod populo similique duo te, ea eugaitper in laudem malorum epicuri, quod natum laudem malorum
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30 Jan

Reefer Earl Grey Sunday Drive Couch Music Mixed By: DJ Raiko

With creative flexibility and adept awareness of silence and noise, Raiko’s uber-chill ‘ReeferEarlGreySundayDriveCouchMusic’ mix is so gently playful on the ear that his spot in the SA hip hop hall of fame is unquestionable. With a bit of downtempo, a bit of trip, a bit of ambience and a bit of jazz, it’s title could not have been better recieved. Littered with all sorts of swoops, strums and seductive selecting, this mix includes France’s Evil Needle, American dreamer Iman Omari, Hiatus Kaiyote from down under and sound samurai DJ Mitsu; there’s no one in the world who wouldn’t find their place of peace in this easy offering. With a certain soothing nature about the sound throughout, this one is best accompanied by some trees and an overcast day, on a balcony in the city after a hard day at work. Why not?

01: Hubert Daviz – Keep and Grind
02: Himuki – A.S.A.P
03: Mr Moods – In the Attic
04: Pigeondust – Pussy Galore
05: DJ Mitsu The Beats – Pueblo
06: Suplington – Lack of Definition
07: The Boomjacks – Jazz Peace
08: Iman Omari – Feels
09: Evidence – India
10: J.Rocc – It’s Fashionable
11: Bonobo – Jets
12: Bugseed – Tino
13: Flitz & Suppe – Barely
14: Flitz & Suppe – Thanks for the Wings
15: Iota – Like That
16: P.R – Next Destination Remix (Instrumental)
17: Diaby – Feelin
18: Lorn – Paradise Lost
19: Nujabes – The Final View
20: Exile – Give It All You Got
21: Hippie Sabotage – Somebody’s From Somewhere
22: The Jet Age Of Tomorrow – Mushy
23: Jazz One – As Time Goes By
24: SmokedBeat – Misery
25: The Boomjacks – Drips
26: The Stuyvesants – Velvet Room (passion)
27: Kenny Keys – Smooth Sh-t
28: Elaquent – Cost of Living
29: Falcons – Falcon Eye (Reprise)
30: DJ Mitsu The Beats – 8am
31: Birocratic – sombre, green
32: Edo Lee – Gin & Tonic
33: Evil Needle ft. Freddie Joachim – Vibin’
34: Hiatus Kaiyote – Sphinx Gate
35: Esbe – Float

Dont forget to catch DJ Raiko & many more at “The Sound Of Tomorrow” event on the 15 February 2015 along with Joe Kay & The Whooligan of Soulection brought to you by We Heart Beat. Check out the link below for more info.

The Sound Of Tomorrow


Source: Soundcloud

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