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30 Jan

One On One With Sunday Morning

In a series to let you in some of the artists and DJs that will be gracing our stage on Sunday for Koolin In The City Bass Edition, in that last not least part we have Sunday Morning. A DJ, art curator and a frequent name changer. We chopped it up with to get into his head space a bit.
You went through a couple of name changes before your current name Sunday Morning, why do you keep changing names and what was there inspiration behind the current one?
Well, I guess it all started with studying Fine art at Wits. Performance art factored a great deal in my then body of work and hence character development. Skipping through M18j92t and Fukdiskodeathface which were more about anonymity, so the music was the core not who I am or what i look like in real life if you will. Then entered Skelemton which was a masked Character myself and Nic Nesbitt developed for our multi media band at the time Mtkidu which I carried into djing as I enjoyed the theatricality and mystery of the character but as the saying goes all good things must come to an end and now is the time for Sunday Morning, which sees myself essentially just being myself again, no smoke and mirrors, just me being me and playing what I love to hear and hoping others enjoy it too.

Source: facebook.com/mtkidu

 Is there any ritual you practice before playing sets?
One Zamalek and a tequila and mentally just go through the set in my head,read the crowd and shuffle tracks around if need be.
Outside of DJ’ing you a couple of things as well, most notably your work with Kalashnikov gallery. What is your role at the gallery?
 Indeed, i am co director of the kalashnikovv Gallery, Independent Fine Artist/Curator and have just started a new concept band with Khaya Bhubesii called Lesillo Rulla(Working title for now) more info dropping soon.
Give us a breakdown of a perfect night out for Sunday Morning?
Keepin’ it simple, great venue, cool line up and my homies – sorted

 What Can we expect from you this Sunday at Koolin In The City Bass Edition?
An eclectic set, starting slow and just intelligently and fluidly building up to………come and see for yourself

Come and check out Sunday Morning this Sunday (pun intended) at the Koolin In The City Bass Edition more info here

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