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6 Mar

Interview: Meet DBN’s Breeze

Hailing from Durban, Breeze blew up with his Trendsetter mixtape that saw him get 5 nominations at the (KZN Hip Hop awards / Original Hip Hop awards) in 2012.

Since then Breeze has took a break from Music, to complete his Sport management degree and shoot an educational TV show called Code Green, about the environment, to be aired on SABC 1 this year March.

Breeze, a brand ambassador for DC shoes and Monster South Africa recently, presenter, dancer , is back to represent Durban Hip Hop with a new sound he’s introducing called “ZuluBass, which something new but original and resembles South Africa.

Kool Out sat down with the young trendsetter to talk about where his from, where he is & where going.

(1) Whats good Breeze?

I’m feeling blessed , thank for having me out really appreciate it.

(2) Lets get straight into it. Tell us about yourself?

Sure, born Sibusiso Shezi grew up with a single dad born and raised in Durban townships Umlazi and Ntuzuma. Till I moved out the burbs in Westville, went to school at George Campbell School of Technology as my dad wanted an Engineer in the house lol that didn’t happen. Got a half bursary at VC through sports to study Sports Management. A graduate now, love dancing and recording music. Love music old school hip hop and cross genres, a frequent researcher I research anything lol.

(3) So is it true you were a dancer before you picked up the mic?

Yeah I was 7/8 years.

(4) From what we know you were in a dance crew with Dream Team members Saso & Dash?

Yeah I was a crew called Genesis Kingz that I was a leader of. Great times with those two and Dynasty.

(5) How come you guys didn’t start a rap crew together?

Well thing is were breaking out as GK to rap, we did a track called Kill Em Off ft Trey it got major love from Durban we even shot a video which played on national TV shot by Aluta. You know how things pan out at times misunderstandings or lack of communication. It became Genesis Kings and DreamTeam which didn’t really make sense, but I’m happy for the guys they did it and followed their dreams. Ultimately GKz lives in all of us, we wouldn’t be where we are if it wasn’t for it and dancing.

(6) Do you still compete in dance competitions or is that phase of your life over?

No I don’t , and it wasn’t a phase unlike rap you can always take part in battles dancing needs a youth element, you get old haha but yeah you focus on other things aswel as dance didn’t get much recognition. Only now mainly in JHB dancers are making it big and are appreciated but still not enough.


(7) What made you decide to become a recording artist?

I just want to dance to my own music, I danced to express myself and what I’m going through lets me escape. I had to find another way of escaping but also get to dance to my own beats, lyrics and sound. Making music gives me that freedom I say what revolves around my life. Hip Hop has always been a huge part of me, so I can’t leave it.

(8) You released your debut mix tape called “Trendsetters” sometime back how was the reaction to it seeing as most peeps knew you as a dancer?

Hardest thing ever, but Trendsetter became a Durban classic especially the track, in 2012 I got KZM nominations, I didn’t win but I knew I made my mark. I was one of the few new school cats getting booking every weekend in Durban clubs, I kinda changed perception of hip hop in my City that made me happy. Crazy thing now I’ve got lots of supporters who just know as Breeze the rapper, so I appreciate that more.

(9) Your song “Ziyasha” has been banging on the radio waves since last year & spent 4 weeks at number 1 on Gagasi FM. Do you feel this is evidence that you are on the right path with your music?

One thing I always say you not doing it right if there is no growth within yourself. I worked harder I took a break and became better. Wrote better, flowed better, became an MC, I want to keep at it make good music , dance but also not forget the art form. Ziyasha was that type of joint for me the introduction of #ZuluBass sound. One thing also I learnt is to have your identity and originality. So I’m very happy with my music right now, feel it can compete with any in the country.

(10) You just released a new single “Amanga” what can we expect from it?

Already has a huge response in Durban, hoping S.A can get to hear it. You can expect true story bars something artists go through what I go through in this industry. Kept it as 8s to say all I wanted to say, because also I wanted to show why Muzi is also one of the best Producers in the country. Amanga is the stamp to show the #ZuluBass sound and what it is a Banger.

(11) Your actively involved in a lot of art forms from music, dancing & even acting. What acting work have you done?

Yeah I am. Just did Bio-Strath advert before , and acted on a Mzansi Magic movie.

(12) Durban Hip Hop seems to be on FIRE right now with the success of Zakwe, Duncan & Dream Team what else is happening in DBN & what can we expect out of eThekwini in the future?

Durban is on a good vibe right now the energy is on another level. You have guys like Aewon Wolf , WTF , Nasty C, Niche Fam,to name a few coming out. We have super producers like Muzi, Gemini also doing great things. Djz even are getting younger, there is some serious talent here, even the events being thrown uplift Hip Hop so much, S/O to Junior Lavie, Goodsundae, Hlubi, Kgolo for contributing to booking some Durban acts. S.A will know soon


(13) What does the future hold for Breeze?

You can expect to see more of me, on your TV screens, more touring of cities. #ZuluBass sound taking over free EP dropping , and a Album soon as I’m ready. Lol hopefully some good endorsement deals.

(14) Thanks again Breeze for Kooling Out with us. We wish you all the best & hope to see more from you in the future.

Thank you for having me out, really appreciate it God Bless you and God Bless S.A Hip Hop.

Breeze – Ziyasha Video

Breeze links:

Kill em Off – GENESIS KINGS and DREAM TEAM: http://youtu.be/CE8vCXEFs1o

BREEZE – TRENDSETTER ft ABDUS: http://youtu.be/VyjLKPkiHik

BREEZE Feat AJ – ALL GOOD OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO: http://youtu.be/acj4jp5_Vpk

Breeze – Mnandi Freestyle: http://youtu.be/8_hAw1ftgqA

Stizz Taylor – SiDope ft. Breeze: http://youtu.be/siq_iqc5c_w

Breeze – Ziyasha (Behind The Scenes): http://youtu.be/yPWyI4ZSNzg

BREEZE – ZIYASHA Download link:


Breeze – Amanga Download link


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