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2 Apr

Listen: ILL Skillz Emcee Uno July Releases Solo EP “Best Kept Secret”

As one of the the Mother City’s most prolific rap tandems, ILL Skillz has held it down for a decade adding to the long legacy of Hip Hop in Cape Town. Having recorded in London, performed at the Cape Town International Jazz Festival and more, the accomplishments go on and on.

Yesterday, Uno released his first solo project titled “Best Kept Secret”. Check out the press release and download link below:

After 10 years serving my artistry as an Ill Skillz member, it has been a long time in works while crafting a solo project under my name “Uno July”.

It may come as a surprise to most people especially our fans, but my solo effort will produce 2 projects during the year of 2015- The first release will be an EP effort slated for a release on March 31st, which subsequently prepares the build up for the main project due on 1st of July. Both projects will be titled “Best Kept Secret” and “Uno n Only” respectively.

For as long as I’ve been part and growth of Cape Town’s music scene, my lead has always been taken from the way paved by the likes of POC, Groundworx and 5th Floor who pioneered our local hip hop movement nationwide. And currently when I look back, I see how far we have come as a culture and how we consequently blended our cultures and united races through the pure spirit of music. With that said, it’s exciting to see the evolution taking place which as a result birthed a culture clash which is favourably indie-orientated and allows artists such as myself to excel through it by experimenting art the way I personally envision it.

My approach to this project is “avant garde” style, I’ve crafted something that respects art, respecting culture and something that allows me to apply myself. Therefore since in my eyes I have identified a gap within the market through practice, it has always been my personal aim and vision to carve a lane of my own and form a cult instead of conforming to the industry trends.

I’m proud of this effort and it had to be concise so that it would serve as a teaser for the full length project.

The link for the #BestKeptSecretEP is available here on soundcloud:

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