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14 Apr

The Burpin Opinion: Six Crossover Episodes That Must Happen In 2015 pt.1

In the past two years we have enjoyed quite a fair amount of crossover episodes, most notably the Simpsons and Futurama crossover, titled Simpsorama. Recently there was Uncle Grandpa visiting Steven and the gems, which was rather a lackluster. Crossover episodes are not a new thing and they mainly occur between two or more shows from the same network/production house. Which does does not in anyway stop my mind from running wild with wishes of two incredible shows coming together; I know most of you old heads are already thinking that maybe these crossover things are just for cartoons, you are wrong. There has been crossover’s between shows like NCIS and JAG, Baywatch and Pacific Blue.

My first encounter with crossover episodes was in the late 90s when Hercules and Xena came together for one episode, and ever since I’ve been a sucker for crossover episodes. Most of my dream episodes haven’t happened yet, and I’m gonna share three out six of this dream episodes with you today.

1. Samurai Jack and Samurai Champloo

Samurai.Champloo.full.523137 samjackhoriz


First of there is a language barrier between these two series’, but I’d love it in subtitles so Samurai Jack will have speak Japanese after all. He is a Samurai he should be able to speak the language. My whole obsession with these two coming together is to see Jack, Mugen and Jin team up against Aku while Fuu gets fireworks to obliterate the shapshifting monster just like in the first episode of Samurai Champloo, when she saved Mugen and Jin from the magistrates army. I know Mugen will probably want to test out Jack and see if he is a worthy opponent as he does with everyone, chances of this happening are very minimal because of the different production houses, but my fingers will remain crossed. FYI the late Nujabes scored the Samurai Champloo series.

2. Kids Next Door and Teen Titans Go!

Teen TitansBattle_Statons


We all know how teens and young children don’t really get along but now imagine the tree house gang and the Titan house coming together to fight one enemy. The Kids Next Door don’t have any super powers and only the Titans leader Robin is without super powers. I already see No.3 and Starfire getting along and doing all their girly stuff, we’d also see No.1 and Robin’s egos clash for leadership. This episode would be a rare dream come true for most 90s nerds and maybe everyone else. Chances of this happening would be even high if Kids Next Door was still in production, but they might just go visit the Titans tower one of this day.

3. Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends and Regular Show

fosters_home_for_imaginary_fiends_3204 regular_show_by_celestial_waters-d5z9nr4


Benson is already struggling with Mordecai and Rigby, now imagine Bloo coming to the park for a visit; PANDEMONIUM!!! I sense that Mordecai will have a crush Frankie, and there will be a fight between her and Margaret, Wilt will get along very well with Pops. This will be most mayhem filled cartoon episode in history, I already see Mac, Bloo, Mordecai and Rigby  being swamped into another dimension. This is less likely to happen as well, making me even more sad.

Check this space out next week for the last part of this wish list, let me know about your dream crossover episode in the comment section below and connect with me here.

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