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15 Apr

Style: Trends, Colours And What’s In This Autumn Season

It’s that time of the year again where people put away most of their summer clothes and pull out their boots, coats and scarfs because we are going into a season that will most likely require clothes of that sort.  Don’t panic though because most of the things already in your wardrobe can still be worn during this season it just all depends on how you go about it. Bright colours have a way of bringing your outfit to life and since this season is characterised by dull colours we can always be naughty and break the rules.


All black will never get old it’s a classic! And how you wear it is what makes it unique to you whether you accessorise your look with a hat, a black studded clutch or just plain ol black gear the results all depends on your sense of style and what works for you.


A bright yellow mist coat is a must have this season to add some sunshine and colour to your autumn wardrobe. There are different ways of wearing a coat this bright and making it look trendy, like pairing it with a printed shirt or even black leather leggings that make a comeback this season as well as  with either pumps or boots which will add length to your overall look.


Grey is my personal favourite for this season and lucky for us it comes in various shades with this aluminium grey definitely being the colour to go for. Exploring the colour and playing around with it makes it fun to wear mixing it up with some fun details like shoes, bags, accessories and hats to make the look more interesting.

torn jeans 01denim 01

One can never go wrong with a pair of ripped jeans in your wardrobe, whether it be boyfriend jeans or skinny jeans with the ripped look topping the trend and its always better if you DIY them ( look out for my next blog post on how to do this) however you choose to wear them in the end it’s all up to your individual style and look.


Denim on denim is a look that I predict will outlive us all and it works with shorts, skinny jeans and a pencil skirt which gives it a different look as well as keeps it interesting and fresh.


denim 01 torn jeans 03 denim on denim 03

Written by Naledi Mfolo, you can connect with her @muffinz_cupcake and on facebook Nana Muffinz

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