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2 May

SA Hip Hop Artists’ Predictions for Mayweather – Pacquiao

Considering this is the ‘Fight of the Century” and Hip Hop’s long association with boxing, we decided to ask the South African Hip Hop community who they got their money on tonight. Let us know in the comments who you think is gonna win.


My money’s on the champ, we’ve never seen a more smarter, skilled, undefeated, fighter than Mayweather. He’s the greatest of our time and soon to be of all time. #TBE


I have a bad feeling Floyd might catch his first L … Don’t get it confused though  I am money team all day! . I had this same feeling when Floyd was gonna fight Oscar delahoya . So I hope I am wrong and Floyd maintains the flawless record.

Cassper Nyovest

I think it’ll be a great fight but I think Floyd will win. Just based on the determination to be the greatest of all time and remain undefeated. He’s got more to lose so I’m sure he put in everything. I know that feeling of being provoked till a point where you need to prove you’re the greatest , it a great motivation.

Akio (DJ ID)

Smart bet is on Pretty Boy Floyd. I think Pacquiao has a power advantage, but lately he’s been consistently taking a lot of punches. Mayweather will stick on the outside and counter punch all day. Despite Freddie Roach’s claim that Pacquiao has the speed advantage, I’m not sure if it will be able to make up for Mayweather’s slick footwork and defense. Asian pride has me cheering for Pac-man, but he’s gonna need to land some power shots early to slow down Floyd.

Sean Pages

Personally I think mayweather gon catch a beating of his life for the very first tym but he gon win. I’m a fan of both, and I’ve been laughing at these tweets saying Pac gon lose coz he’s short. Pac is very fast and very brutal, wen u don’t have reach u work on ur step ins. Mayweather’s defenses is immaculate and he’s dodge Pac till his fatigue start to wear our then come in for the kill, his strategies have never let him down and this gon be his greatest fight ever. Definitely won’t end in a KO. Homeys gon punch it out till the last round n Weather gon come out victorious.

DJ Switch

Nikka I don’t one shit but all I knows is Tht Nikka can Phuk up a Nikka money ain’t Gona work for this battle lol but hey last time I threw a punch was at kitcheners. (Translation: Pacquiao)


I’m not really into boxing, so I have no education on the science behind who has a better chance at winning. My decision is genuinely based on the fact that I have a business relationship with T-Bo Touch, and… he’s part of the money team. So…. Floyd it is. Lol. Although… Beware, the underdog. He has nothing to lose.

C Live

As much as mayweather is and should be  a favorite Pacquio is an under dog and has a lot to prove but I’ll go with Mayweather as he has an impressive track record.


The money team all day ,best defence in boxing since I don’t know who , super skilled and he can take hard punches ,should be a humdinger !!  One of those fights people in the future will ask where were you when it happened ,the Ali and Frasier of our time!

DJ Capital

I would personally like Pacquio to take it. It would be an upset. With that said, numbers don’t lie. Mayweather has never lost.

DJ Vigi

Mayweather for the win. I don’t think we’ll see a knockout, but a very close fight. Money Mayweather will have a hard earned win.

Ginger Breadman

It’s Money May no doubt – flawless record,fastest counter puncher in the ring,and he got more reach than Pacman, Money keep his cool in the ring, Pacquio is a reckless fighter and he gon’ lose his cool – just watch

DJ Raiko

I do feel the fight is a good 5 years late and the years have treated Mayweather better. Its the perfect matchup, aggressor vs counter puncher. Technicality aside, pressure is a big factor here and Mayweather got more to lose. Floyd’s biggest weapon is his ability to act on other fighters mistakes, which I don’t think Pacquio will give much of. Pacquio has the ability to hurt Mayweather over the rounds and I’m hoping he get the TKO. Either way I’ll be happy with a good fight.


I saw the Pacquiao and De La Hoya fight last night and the man is fast! He has a solid punch and does the macarena around his opponents, making him hard to target. Mayweather is a great boxer, probably the best we’ve had in a long time, but I believe the winner will be the most prepared. (or the one with the best sangoma).

Gigi LaMayne

Besides the fact that he is backed by the majority with a good track record, he has agility that Pac has to keep up with. The only way Pac stands a chance is to “play Mayweather half ground” as the football analysts would say.




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