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12 May

Clara-T – Jewlz

KZN’s Best Lyricist , Clara-T (she was awarded the title at last years Original Material Awards Durban’s Hip Hop awards), is releases her long awaited first single from her project Late Blooming today. Jewlz (Jewels) is a song about the ills in modern day hip hop music and is produced by talented super producer Ushe-S. Clara-T takes a trap beat and proves that rappers can always choose to add substantial content and can still make it catchy without watering down the lyrics and teaching materialism.

“You went April Fools on ‘em when you dumbed it down and got a roof from it” Basically sums up the song as Clara-T takes subtle jabs at rappers that resort to commercialism as a premise for making a name for themselves. And she further affirms this by saying “Ain’t gon wait around for some shit to happen/ 

so they got me trapping ’cause they think it’s rapping/”. Sonically Jewlz may sound like most club songs but the content definitely is not. Clara-T spreads some valuable knowledge on this song which in hip hop slang is referred to as ‘dropping jewels’ hence the name Jewlz for the song.

Clara-T seeks to solidify her spot as a rapper not just as a female rapper and Jewlz gives her the opportunity to do so and stand tall amongst her male counterparts.

Late Blooming is due for release late July 2015 under the 4Sight Media umbrella. 4Sight Media is a media company based in Durban, that specializes in artist development and management and is home to Neo-Soul artist, Millow, rapper 3rd Brick and Clara-T.

Download Jewlz via the link & check out the lyric video below.

Clara-T – Jewlz


Keep in touch with Clara-T via her social media accounts given below.

Twitter: @TheClara_T

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Clara-T/169820416410104?fref=ts

Source: You Tube


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