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13 May

The Scratch Lab Is Investing In The DJs Of Tomorrow

One of the ills plaguing this industry is that the people with the power often reluctant to relinquish that power, by power we mean knowledge, education, and the ability to open doors for new leaders to come in and keep the industry’s wheels turning and its reach growing.

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However there is some reprieve to this matter, it is become increasingly more important to invest in the future of this industry and initiatives such as the Scratch Lab DJ training facility are doing a lot of to usher in a new era in the music industry. This project is the brain chilled of legendary DJ crew The Beat Bangaz which consists of Ready D, E-20 and DJ Azhul. Between them the collective have over 30 years of experience as practitioners of this unique form of DJing.

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Scratch Lab offers a range of courses and workshops to accommodate any skill level. Its cost effective DJ and music production courses that’s conducted by accredited, professional and experienced trainers keeps students on par with the latest technology, developments and techniques. From its beginner courses to its more advanced courses, the emphasis for Scratch Lab is also important on building personal relationships and a holistic approach to training. Scratch Lab also boasts with its free workshop series, Lab Sessions, held on a monthly basis that introduces interested parties to new software, technology, guest DJ’s and producers and tools to promote self expression through music.

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A testament to the work that Scratch Lab is doing one of its graduates ScamAntrix will be heading to Turkey to perform at the Tree of Life Festival. Having already been to Brazil ScamAntrix blends together psy-genres such as progressive, psy-gression & psychedelic trance and occasionally mixes in minimal and techno sounds. The Scratch Lab is situated at the Woodstock exchange in the SAE Studio’s in Cape Town.

For more info on how you could join the scratch lab click here and make sure to visit their fan page for upcoming workshops and seminars.

*Disclaimer: This article was taken off the PulseRadio.Net website & is not a original publication by Kool Out*

Source: PulseRadio.Net

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