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Quod populo similique duo te, ea eugaitper in laudem malorum epicuri, quod natum laudem malorum
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15 May

STYLE: The Art to Creating Your Own Style

This topic could be considered a bit cliché but I guess we all want to look and feel unique. One needs to find out what kind of style best suits them then from there you can build on that by adding fashionable items to your overall look. Starting from the bottom isn’t such a bad thing *chuckles*,a small budget or rather getting affordable clothes will slowly help you find the kind of style you’re working towards and you can even afford to experiment. It also helps to draw inspiration from different bloggers who’s style might have caught your attention.

putting pieces 2gether 01chinios o1

Chinos which were referred to as khakis are a must have in a guy’s wardrobe. They come in various colours, straight or wide legged cuts which work out for semi-formal occasions. They should be like a perfect pair of jeans that you just picked out the store; the fit should be complimentary so you walk out your house feeling like the best dressed guy.

bomber jacket 03bomber jacket 04bomber-leather-jacket

This type of jacket is an all year rounder; it’s now called a bomber jacket and can come in different cuts and material. This is a must have for a suave gentleman whether it’s in leather, sheepskin, fur or even the ones with the elastic cuffs and waist.
Paired with jeans, a casual shoe and a nice T, your Saturday lunch with friends look is complete.

suits 02


A man in a well tailored suit has been known to be a common weakness among woman if you know what I’m saying! Finding a suit that fits like a glove and makes you feel like a million bucks is the aim but some tend to miss the mark.
A tuxedo which is your simple penguin black and white suit is a great place to start. From the tuxedo you can begin to play around with the pieces, by adding pops of colour and different type of shoes. Remember to keep in mind that you don’t want to seem like you’re trying too hard or all your work could turn into a hot mess.






Another great item to have in your wardrobe is a duffle and trench coat which will come in handy this winter season, both work with formal and casual wear and its always good to keep it simple in order not complicate the whole look.

Written by: Manana Mfolo (follow @muffinz_cupcake)

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