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27 May

NEWS: AKA “Levels Unlocked” (Overview)

This past Saturday Kiernan Forbes aka the “Super Doro Mega” aka “King Bae” aka “Aka” (the list of aka’s is serious!)  invited the media and a handful of the loyal citizens that make up his ” Kingdom” to the screening of the documentary chronicling his rise to super stardom after his debut album. Before the screening, which took place at the Bioscope in Maboneng Precinct, began the multi-award winning and, soon to be gold-selling rapper, gave a brief explanation to the attendees about what exactly the thought behind the release of Levels Unlocked was and what he hoped to achieve with it. Another significant occurrence that happened before the ‘press play’ button was pressed was AKA being gifted with two gold plaques for his biggest singles “Congratulate” and “All Eyez On Me” by his label Sony Music.


If you ever wondered what the genesis of Aka’s now blossoming career was, then Levels Unlocked would be a good source to gain some insight in the hitmaker’s rise. Never before seen footage is shown of Mr. Forbes back in 2012 when he was still considered an up and comer to look out for, all the way to 2013 when he was an opening act for the “demigod” that is Kanye West. The general sense that is built through the footage is that the electrifying performance at The Dome was a milestone for Aka. A milestone in that it highlighted his transition from simply being that rapper you’d see perform at your favourite club, to being a performer who could hold the attention of a stadium filled with 20000 people. The footage surprisingly provides a truly honest and sometimes vulnerable portrayal of Forbes, even illustrating his nerves before momentous periods in his career.

In addition to behind the scenes footage of Aka during these critical performances, we gain a better understanding of the origination of what would later be the multi-award winning album Levels. The Super Doro Mega explains how he the idea for fusing dance, house, and hip-hop to form a sound that his die hard fans, and the masses in general could resonate with. During the question session after the screening, the rapper was asked about his heavy use of samples. He simply replied, “I’ll always use samples, always!” (much to the dismay of his publishers). The producers who were instrumental in the eventual musical direction decided to take were also given an opportunity to elaborate further on how they contributions came out. These musical masterminds include the very young Tweezy and Master A-Flat. Featuring rappers Reason, Da Les, along with JR also enlighten fans on their thought process behind their guest spots.

All in all it’s a nice little extra offering from the rapper, one that his day ones will definitely appreciate. Only downside to this release is that no new music has been added to the existing track list (not even a bonus track nyana), but it is still enjoyable. Levels Unlocked is out now and can be found in all music store.

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