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27 May

ARTICLE: The Young and Bold Looking Through The Lens!

“The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do”.- Andy Warhol.

Working as part of the Kool Out team has broadened my creative mind and fuelled my creative juices. This new turn in my life has recently got me considering going back to photography and doing what I do best! I took the opportunity to speak to a few of my personal friends who happen to be inspirational photographers and gather some insight on their craft and what in turn inspires them.

Moss Moeng

Moss IMG_8014


‘Moss Morwahla Mampholo Moeng’ is better known as “Moss Stifler”. He is a 21 year old who was born and bred in Deipkloof, Soweto. During high school he was actively involved in a lot of different artistic mediums such as, street art, graffiti, stencil art and skating which he did with his good friend Tiisetso”krez”Rapola but unfortunately that phase in his life ended with his completion of Matric. Once he matriculated, Stifler had the unusual desire to study NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) which like the rest of us he had little information about. Thank the universe he opted to grab hold of a camera instead which thus led to his artistic journey as a photographer. Moss soon joined a young group of photographers called the “Street Nomads” who individually collaborate on different works they’ve done in order to produce one single piece of work.

In 2014 he went on to study at a photographic institute called ‘Market Photo Workshop’ and started a foundation course which led to the Intermediate course where he produced two bodies of work titled “Masigu Adidimetseng” and “Contested Lands”. The young photographer is currently studying the Advanced program which is meant to expand his body of work to a point where he can exhibit his work professionally. Moss fears that his path as an up and coming photographer may be threatened by the prevalence of social media and smart-phones . In response to his fears it seems like conceptual photography may be the path he takes and hopes to share his stories through.



Still life of things in at home it’s a body of work called“3695”he’s currently working on during his Advanced program.

Michael and Charles 

Mikey IMG_3870

charles IMG_3671

Mike,22 and his 17 year old brother formed a photography duo call “Heritage of Artistry”. They say they want to be known as modern day realists and artists and not just photographers. Photography is a medium they use to show case their art and it was inspired by looking at other photographic bloggers such as ‘I See A Different You’ and ‘Street Etiquette’. They strive to collaborate with people who are willing to share stories and create visually stimulating work using a series of different images.

Their goal to create a platform that will enable photographers and artists share ideas and learn from each other through an initiative called ”instameets” which will amateur photographers to learn the basic skills of the craft. Fuji films is said to be confirmed to partner with the boys on the entire initiative.

Mikey IMG_8945 02

Mikey IMG_2572

Daniel Magidi

Danny LR EDIT-9568

Daniel Phumudozo Magidi II is another one to watch and from Soweto where his interest in photography was first peaked. It was while he was capturing pictures of kids on the street on his phone camera and opting for these images as his screen savers then the default ones did he realise he may be on to something. Daniel studied engineering but then photography slowly began to take priority in his life and now he is one of the co-owner of RAW X CREATIVE. He also won 1st place for the ‘Sunday times next generation youth competition’ and was one of the ‘2013 Canon SA photography finalists’.

Magidi cites that his most memorable moments in photography happened when he and a friend decided to work on a Mandela tribute shoot in 2013 soon after the leaders death. They two travelled documenting work around the places that were synonymous with the leader, this took the pair around Johannesburg CBD, Braamfontein and Mandela’s house in Alexandra, a township he lived in when he first arrived in Johannesburg from the Eastern Cape. Magidi says that photography for him is about telling stories, sharing experiences, travelling to places and exploring the world we live in. He hopes through his journey he is able to learn more about the world and more importantly more about himself through interaction with different people beyond his everyday life. He finds this process allows one to come across people who will change your life and open your mind to bigger and better things.

He sees himself telling untold stories, travelling and changing people’s lives through images because great images can evoke strong emotions and change a person’s perception about life.

danny W A T E R (300 dpi)

Article by: Manana Mfolo (follow @Nana_muffinz)

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