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Quod populo similique duo te, ea eugaitper in laudem malorum epicuri, quod natum laudem malorum
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Banesa Molauoa Tseki studied Drama and Political Science at the University of Cape Town. Theatre with its flair for the dramatic and Politics have been pivotal in shaping her career path. Theatre has the ability of encouraging students to appreciate the art that lies both on and off stage. With a concise understanding of the strategic management that goes into putting on any show and the genuine love of the stage, Drama as a discipline can play a vital role in the live music circuit.

Politics on the other hand, forces a person to engage with their socio-economic surroundings, encourages diplomacy and leadership and implants an avid need to know what is happening around the world at all times.

In 2009, her second year of university, Banesa and three of her partners started an events, marketing and Promotions Company called B.A.N.K Productions that served as the link to the increasingly growing Cape Town student market. She held the Public Relations and Social Development Portfolios.

Her mandate was to build B.A.N.K as a brand as well as simultaneously attract new business opportunities and serve as the appointed PR consultant for each individual client’s project.

Project Manager Elite Brands

In 2011 as her university workload became lighter, Banesa was appointed Account Manger at Elite Brands. A solely black female owned company that centers on providing staff to promote an array of brands falling under the tobacco and alcohol sector. She was manager of the on-con BAT promoFons as well as all RGBC promoFons . This experience enabled her to sharpen her skills in venue coordinaFon, back end markeFng and brand allegiance .

Independent Agent….

In 2012 she moved on from the company she established, in a bid to move beyond student centered PR and marketing. She began freelancing by consulting for Hennesy and its contracted event planners in terms of PR and marketing for their bi-weekly event held at Blakes and Jade Lounge for the month of June 2012.


Pre-loved & vintage market

Next she moved on by running a Pop Up clothing store in Cape Towns city bowl called Rewardrobe targeted at the trendy young individuals that had a keen eye for unique vintage pieces as well as alternative chic wear. She handled the running of the event, the sourcing of the clothes, the set up of the store as well as all marketing and PR tasks.

Later she joined the Myog team as a PR consultant. Myog is a frozen yogurt boutique nestled in the heart of Kloof Street; she consulted for Myog by organizing its launch event as well as all promoFonal acFvity involved with the brand Fll her move to Big City Lights….

Having arrived in Johannesburg at the beginning of 2013, Banesa is freelancing as an Events/PR consultant for various brands and Operations Manger for Naima Mclean. Having a pre-existing network in Cape Town came in handy when Black Major needed assistance with the operations of their Johannesburg office. Banesa joined the team as a freelance consultant within the Sony headquarters. She facilitated all X-factor finalists booking as well operating as Black Major representative Manager for Sony signed artists.

Artist Development, Road/Artist Management

Banesa is currently working as the creative producer behind Kool Out Concepts and KOL Magazine alongside, DJ and Creative Director Akio Kawahito. The team consists of DJ Pkuttah, as events coordinator and Reason the rapper as content conceptualiser.


Banesa and her colleague Akio Kawahito have recently opened an Artists Management department under Kool Out Concepts. Below are the artists she currently Manages:

  • Reason
  • Naima Mclean
  • Loot Love
  • Ginger Trill

Services Provided

  • Events Coordination
  • Promotions
  • Trends forecasting and behavioral insights
  • Venue Outsourcing
  • Artist bookings
  • Artist Management
  • Public Relations
  • Product banding
  • Launches/Activations
  • B.Creative Brand ambassadors and influencers